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Just A personal comment. I've noticed A lot of big spawn ready Weakfish being brought to the scales .When you meet one of these guys shake thier hand and thank them for helping in killing off the spiecies . Most of these guys are usually the first to complain year after year that thier are no Weakfish around. Last year I caught two Weakfish over 10# both swam free the only regret I have is I didn't have A camera to take A picture of such A beautiful fish. If you must keep it may it be the only one you do and let the rest swim free to spawn. Just so you know I keep fish for the table but not fish that are getting scarce. I also keep only what my family can eat. I just like to practice conservation and enjoy this fishery that is A gift to us all so lets not ruin it for all future fishing .On another note this year looks to be shaping up great lots of bait around. Enjoy the season and see you out thier

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