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Sunday Sept. 23, 07 -- Little of this, little of that

Sunday, September 23, 2007: waves: 1-3 feet out of the east. Water clarity: Poor to fair (very churned by wind switches). Water temps: I took a 66 on the frontbeach.

Reports are not raving about the action but blue, croakers, weakfish, kingfish and some bass are in the overall mix.

Surf croaker report: Hi jay,

With the bright moon, warm temperatures, and light winds, tonight I dug out the Coleman lantern and headed to the beach after dinner to see if the croakers were coming into the suds at dark, as they tend to do. I cant say it was stellar, but with this years surf fishing famine, anything would have to be considered a win win situation. There were four of us fishing, and each of us caught one croaker. I did lose several others. Bob T.”

Bluefish micro-blitz report: “…As I came back over the dune all hell had broken out. Big blues were breaking everywhere going bonkers after the mullet. I quickly changed to a hopkins and made several casts with no hits. Then I thought I had better get some fresh mullet while the blues had them driven up tight to the beach. The mullet however were staying just our of my throwing ability as I threw the net about a half a dozen times, falling short each time. Finally I caught the corrner of a school and got about a half dozen of them. I put them in a bucket of water to keep them alive and quickly put out a line with a live mullet. It wasn't long till my rod was over hard with the drag giving line regularly. After a rather long fight, I put him on the beach. He was 11.5 lbs. and 32" long. The blitz only lasted about 10 to 15 minutes and it was all done…”

Here is a striper report that came via Fisherman’s HDQ. It’s a turn-on, though I haven’t gotten many (any) with a bass bite like this. However, arriving bass often make their first big splash around Barnegat Inlet(and inside to the Sod Banks) so this might be sign of super things to come.

“…One night this past week, Alex Field fished the Barnegat Light inlet jetty all night. He working a jointed black Bomber for the first 2 hours after dark. This resulted in landing 12 bass; 8 of which were keepers to 43 inches. He lost the plug to a large fish near the rocks, "just couldn't land her". Switched to eels around 11 PM and landed 8 more through sunrise. This time the largest going 48 inches. Mostly a top water bite with the eels, as fish would grab the eel and make commotion when it hit the water. The fish were fighting for it when I found a pod of bass. Alex had an incredible night.”

Large tuna being seen right near LBI beaches.

Holgate stuff: Large weakies near the Rip have had folks working hared using live mullet. Mainly bluefish overall on the south end. Loads of boats parked at the back cut doing the “party island” thing. Not a good thing. Not a swallow to be seen after yesterday’s insane showing.

Here’s a late-arriving email about the jelly-ified surf: “Hi Jay. Meant to send this to you sooner:

Tried to toss a few casts in the surf near Nebraska Thurs evening -- no one in sight, tide was low, but what the heck...

But water was filled with what I can only describe as glop -- got all over my line (braid) on every cast, like dew drops on a spider web. Hard to get off the line too -- kind of like silicone mixed in with some vegetative matter. I found myself thinking about Butch Cassidy and Sundance in the movie up on that rockpile asking "Who ARE those guys?" as I kept asking myself (out loud) "What IS this S###?!"

Finally was so bad near the jetty that I couldn’t shake it off and reel in -- had to drag the line and lure up the beach with this goo hanging from the line and guides. Took me 15 minutes to slowly pull it off as the sun went down. Had to get my hands sandy to kind of sand it off.

On closer inspection of the water and beach, it looked like someone had taken about a ton of those little silver-dollar sized jellyfish, ground them up (like a coarse sausage grind) and tossed them into the surf. I could also make out some of the same stuff at the high tide lines as it got dark.

Never saw anything like it before. I've had all kinds of sea weed and grass, but nothing like this. A giant hatch of baby jellies? Aliens seeding our oceans? Any ideas or other reports?”

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