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Sunday, Sept 16, 07 -- Buggies allowed in SC; Blues and gusts

Sunday, September 16, 2007: Waves: Building short-period northerly wind swell. Water clarity: Very good. Water temps: between 67 and 69.

Buggy note: The Surf City Borough Council unanimously voted to allow beach buggies on the new huge SC beaches this fall. It should be a very interesting ride to see what it’ll be like to follow blitzes and such along a beach without jetties. I’m not sure of the permit price. I had called various police departments a while back and got some wrong info on costs. I think SC is $25.

As for today’s angling, it was fun in the a.m. but got real gusty and not-so-nice along the beach and on ocean, as NE winds kicked in harder than forecast, hitting 15 mph and gusty.

Down in Holgate, the wind was mainly at our backs, so a load of folks were at the Rip, catching a slew of blues, some weaks, fluke and a bass. Most fishing was done with freshly caught live mullet. I plugged quite a few blues – and could have done it all day but I turned to seeking weaks by dropping live mullet to the bottom (weighted). Blues still found my offerings as soon as it hit bottom.

Weakie-mail: “Jay, been into decent weakfish action past couple mornings pre-dawn. Good size weakies, all on plastic. Once it gets light the bluefish make it impossible to fish. Did get one bass at 27". Looks like the weakies are staging for their exodus. TJ”

Bait-wise, the spearing haven’t let up at all. Where they all go is anyone’s guess but it’s going to be astoundingly crowded when they reach their destination. The mullet have gone from a steady flow to large pods, with some real estate between them. Still, the migration remains huge. Of course, a huge initial push of migratory mullet can shorten the overall migration, lessening the chances of it being overlapped by the bass arrivals.

Fish and Wildlife officer was at entrance to Holgate this a.m. I didn’t hear of any violations.

Pelicans in unusually huge numbers are cruising the south end – skies and water. They are pounding what seems to be bunker pods – despite all the mullet thereabouts.

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