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Monday Sept. 3, 2007 -- Wind a problem (again); Bigger blues along beach

Monday, September 03, 2007: Waves: 1-3 feet out of the south. Water clarity: Fair but getting windblown. Water temps: Mid-70s but could drop drastically if south winds continue.

Wind played the spoiler today as many fishing folks were on the move, heading back home after not only the holiday weekend but also the summer season. For those who headed out, the breezes made fluke drifting tough. I heard radio chatter of some decent weakfishing that seemed more on the east side of the bay.

Holgate had small blues and some herring.

A few more large kingfish being caught, though the fishing pressure is still very light.

More stripers showing along the beachfront and near Barnegat Inlet. Nothing of size but it’s fun to see them re-shooing after a lengthy absence.

Big bluefish in the Surf City area. Slammer pushing 12 pounds moved in, taking chunk bait or thawed mullet. Loads of cocktails still all over the place.

Beginning this week, the surf casting will pick up drastically -- and it’ll be easier to read the bites. With nice weather on tap, it should make angling more inviting once the stirred up water clears up.

Bridge fishing slow though picking up (night).

No croakers.

A couple small black drum, south end vicinity.


I read your blogs for fishing details but my wife enjoys your chatter about cooking seafood. She the chef in our household. She got me wondering last week when I brought home another cooler full of cocktail blues. She said that it is advised that bluefish should only be eaten once a week or even less frequently. I thought the PCB problems were over. What is your read on that?

Hyper-tough question. I am fully aware of the health advisories on eating bluefish. However, I have also closely read the studies on the analysis on bluefish flesh and I’m very convinced that small blues have a very low PCB, dioxin and Chlordane hazard levels. In fact, many warning now stipulate “bluefish over 6 pounds” when offering advisories to the groups most at risk from consuming any PCBs.

To me that “groups most at risk” looms large. I refuse to suggest that any pregnant woman (or women who will possibly become pregnant) take even the remotest risk. For the rest of us, I would have no fear eating small blues multiple times per week.

I might also suggest those in that risk group check out this website: http://www.state.nj.us/health/eoh/foodweb/fishguid.htm.

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