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Saturday update: Dangerous fog and heroic effort

Saturday update: Early Afternoon. The combining of scalding hot air and a cool ocean created some very trying times for boats that zipped out early today then ran into water-top fog so thick at least one boat ran aground on LBI. Fortunately, most boat anglers started out the inlets, saw the zero visibility ahead and discretely headed back in. later inn the day much of the fog had blown away but the fishing pressure wasn’t real high outside and the bite was way off.

I stopped at the BL boat ramp and heard nothing but totally down tales of zero bring-homes. Obviously, that was bayside fishing, with the ocean sealed shut.

Here is a weekend surf report (mid-island). I also saw a fellow catch a very sizeable kingfish in HC. Not much else though as the surf was sassy.


“Hi Jay, Two days to report on, Friday & Saturday. Friday, as you already noted, there were big waves coming into the beach and the water was quite brownish. I had water temps of 73 degrees. I fished from about 2:30 until 5:30. During about a one hour period in the middle of the time frame I picked up 3 small bluefish using cut butterfish. Saturday the waves had dropped a bit, but were still quite large rolling onto the beach. The surf was still brownish, but the water temps had inched up another degree to 74. I fished from around 1:30 until 5:00 today. I did get my second kingfish of the year, on bloodworm this time, but he was only about 6" so back into the ocean he went to hopefully return at a later date all grown up. I also got 3 small sharks, and one small bluefish. I got a report from a couple of beachwalkers, that fisherman up around 27th street were catching small blues on almost every cast. I decided not to lug all my equipment up the 12 blocks as I figured, with my luck by the time I got there the fish would have vacated that area. Hopefully, Sunday will bring better conditions and better fishing.

Bob T”


I only want to mention this in passing, since it was a very emotionally charged incident -- and I usually don’t publicize such.

A drama of the highest order took place this afternoon in Manahawkin Bay when a 13-year-old, boat fishing with his father, watched as his dad suffered a heart attack. The young man began CPR right in the boat (just south of Bonnet Island) and in a beyond heroic effort maintained his CPR while trying to get word over the radio that he had a life-and-death problem aboard. He could not stop the lifesaving effort long enough to raise the anchor or even offer exact information other than a location near Bonnet Island. Initial police reports had officers uncertain whether the boat was north of south of the Causeway.

I was among those trying to get an exact location on the boat, using binoculars from the shore. The craft was located in the bay on the south side.

As the incident progressed, there was a huge emergency personnel response, including fire departments, police departments, paramedics, the Coast Guard and other boaters. I’ll say it for the umpteenth time: our emergency people are as good as it gets, anywhere.

Apparently another boat assisted and the victim was transferred to that craft. He was brought to shore and was rushed to SOCH.

I fear the outcome of this awful event – and current laws do not allow a hospital to offer any information except to family members – but the effort of that teen was just astounding and prayers go out to all involved.


Email report:

“The almost week long rainy weather dropped the bay temperature by 10 degrees and the weakfish responded accordingly, albeit negatively. The good news it the lockjaw only lasted one day. On the water Thursday I wore a long sleeve shirt and rain jacket barely keeping warm. And this is August in NJ! My group stayed attentive fishing hard the entire trip catching five keeper weaks. By Friday morning the bay had warmed 3 degrees or so which was enough to get them to bite again. I had seven year old twins on board with their dad and in about an hour an a half of fishing time they caught 20 keepers to 18”. And that was fishing only two rods most of the time. As usual I was chumming shrimp. Capt. Alex F. Majewski Lighthouse Sportfishing”


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