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Wednesday August 22, 07 -- Certifiably junky out there

Wednesday, August 22, 2007: Waves: Still huge. Water clarity: Good -- but who’s checking?

If you look into the skies you’ll see a big middle-finger symbol in the clouds. That’s my Seal of Total Suckiness. The weather has finally achieved that uncoveted designation. The skies were forecast to improve throughout the day. Well, it’s now post-dark and it’s a junked up as it gets; an aggravatingly steady mist combined with an ongoing northeast wind.

This is the primest week of the year for rentals on LBI. Imagine spending $10,000 a week for an oceanfront rental and you’ve yet to see a sign of sun.

As for the cleanup, I’m thinking it won’t be fishing calm until late Friday or even into Saturday. Many folks are champing at the bit to get out and drift – after the heavy-hooking stories that have come ashore from both recreational and charterboat anglers.

I’ll place my weekly column in tomorrow. Lots of stuff in there, though chunks of it have already been published in here.

The prattle about the world record fluke has (expectedly) turned to why the fish’s throat was so sliced open – surely losing a few ounces of body fluid weight. The explanation is the incision was made to remove the hook. Hey, ya gotta remove what ya gotta remove – but that’s a helluva “V” when dealing with the largest fluke of all-time. By the by, this gal has applied for the world record stargazer she hauled in and also caught a record-challenging 18-pound weakfish. Wow, I must be doing something wrong.

There is apparently still no decision by the borough of Surf City as to whether or not it’ll open the beaches to buggies. As I’ve written, the town has OK’ed the use of buggies during an upcoming one-day fall surf fishing tournament. There is still a load of discussion to be had between the Army Corps and Surf City. I think things are just fine on the beach and those bandied-about plans to filter all the pumped sand through a giant sieve would be insanely disruptive – and unnecessary. As for any munitions exposed by this storm – the largest storm since the fuze cleanup work was done – I’ll check with the Corps tomorrow. Even if more are found, there is surely no need to close down the beach.

To receive the Highly Migratory News Alerts and other information on HMS species sign up at the link below. They have stop sending out faxes and this is the way NMFS is contacting you regarding HMS. http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/sfa/hms/newslist/

I’ve had a few emails regarding the plight of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center. It’s lease is due to run out and it is semi- desperately looking for a new location. Center Director Bob Schoelkopf is a good guy and the work he and his group does is truly remarkable – and conservational. I’ll be keeping folks undated on how to help the Center either keep its home or find a new one. The Tuckerton Seaport area is one site being considered by Bob. That would be excellent. However, the DEP has some qualms about it. Again, I’ll be reporting more on this subject.

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