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Thursday August 16, 2007 -- Weakies per jigging;Chum change

Thursday, August 16, 2007: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Very good.

The winds are still in the picture, as they may continue to be, as a moderate push of cool northerly air moves in. However, it should be fishable to highly fishable through the weekend providing you time the trips to lower winds periods. T-storms loom large – and nasty.

Here’s a fine south end weakfishing report. “J, the weak fishing (south end) has been very good, 40-50 plus a trip with most released, with a few for the table. The size has been excellent, many fish pushing the 24 in mark. The funny thing is we catch ten spikes and then ten larger fish from the same exact spot? Also we are still picking up a few very nice fluke on every trip. Spro bucktail and crab has been the ticket. No need to shrimp these fish. S.D.”

(Thanks for the southerly update. I guess I had been heavily emphasizing the chum side of weakfishing, to the exclusion of good old drifting. You’ve confirmed there are plenty of sparklers to be had via jigging, shedder crabs and worming -- sandworms on floating jigheads – even on the north end.

A large out-of-place bass was caught yesterday. Looked to be 25 pounds. Photo-ed and released. It was taken on a handmade popper – the popper angle being a bit weird. “I was fishing it real slow. It was designed to look like a bunker with huge black spots that covered from top to bottom on both sides (of the plug),” said the catcher (a hooky player – though he actually owns the company). He made the plug from a kit he bought at a spring swap meet. I had seen those make-Ur-own bags and almost bought one. His wife, an interior designer, painted it – to his specifications. It’s good to be boss. I hope she doesn’t read this.

CHUM CHANGE:A bit surprisingly, the great folks – Sherry and George -- at the Chum Bucket have sold their small but quite-cool bait and tackle business on Route 9 in West Creek.

“After six seasons, I was just tired of it. I had it about up to here with bait,” said Sherry, adding “I’m going to do something else, something to do with animals.” George, who is a union meat cutter, has gone back to that worthy vocation.

I was a bit down about their departure until I found that former shop regular and outdoorsman Skip Deckman of Tuckerton had bought it. And Skip is very much into keeping it the totally unique shop that it has become.

“For years I wanted a sporting goods shop. This was a real quick deal. I heard they were going to sell (the shop) and I said, ‘You can’t do that. This is my second home,’” said Skip.

In nothing flat a “great deal” was made and literally overnight Skip took the helm. He intends on slowly adding his own look and feel. Also, he’ll be honoring all prior gift certificates and discounts to special groups. “We don’t want to culture shock everyone,” said Skip.

A huge aid to local sportsman will be the kiosk Skip has added to sell fishing and hunting licenses. He is heavily into hunting.

DON’T GIVE ME ANY CRAP, YA’LL: I was taking some non-serious ribs at southerners in my last column and had a couple from that region mildly complain. I say “mildly” because I cooled their Dixie heels real fast by knowledgeably noting that perpetually badmouthing northerners is a total lifestyle thing down there. These folks had to agree fully and became sheepish over griping about my light humoring. The irony is my ancestry hales from deep in the hills of Virginia – moonshiners at that, per some incredible tales my late grandpap used to tell me when on a boilermaker roll.

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