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Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007 -- Storm comin' and maybe bass showin'

Thursday, August 09, 2007: Waves: Building (possibly quickly) out of the east as we deal with a small fast-moving storm. Water clarity: Excellent.

There was an interesting showing of stripers today, mainly surfside. A keeper was had in Brant Beach and some near-keeper fish on a couple other fronts. All went for clam. This batch of onshore winds could stir things enough to bring in the bass – at least any bass that are over-summering.

I had an email from a weakfisherman who emphasized what a good stretch of fishing he’s having – west side of Barnegat. Per usual, he’s one of those guys who’s been doing the sparkler routine for decades. He mentioned he’s having a tough time getting shrimp due to weed; he’s the umpteenth person talking of gobs of muck that stop atop eelgrass beds then move off – sometimes fairly quickly. I still think that is why the bluefish have so many shrimp inside.

A fellow I know who traps eels said he’s having a good year after some near catastrophically poor years in a row. “Maybe the protecting of the glassies (glass eels – small American eels) is paying off,” he suggested. He’s also dropping off some of his smoked eel for me to “test.” I’ve had it before and it is beyond delicious. And many folks are discovering the tastiness of smoked eel, via the Chinese Buffet in Manahawkin, where they offer a type sushi with smoked eel.

I’ll be night angling tonight since it often gets good on the lip of bad weather.


“It sounds like the guy who got run over by his own boat must have been underway and lost his balance.

No joke, I think we all should consider some type of seatbelt while boating.

We certainly are more likely to encounter more violent conditions operating a vessel on the water than we would normally encounter even in a minor fender bender on the road. I know that I feel uncomfortable without a belt after having used one in a car for so long.

Fishing report( I gotta put one in or you might not read my email)

All species remain unharmed. I haven't added one ounce to the overall take. Please see to it that this is properly reported. Our super sleuths only seem to count the take of the braggarts, figure we're all doing as well, and then add a fudge factor because everyone knows fishermen lie.”

(A bit frustrated, I see. Many folks are.

Overall, I've been talking (almost daily) about some piss-poor fishing on many fronts. I will admit that some of the charters out of the North End (bayside) really do have a super read on where to catch fish and often make their fares quite happy. The trick is to work the area daily -- who can do that besides pros and retirees?

As for the seatbelts, I’ve instead been trying to market some of these very comfortable, highly stylish (as in unnoticeable) personal flotation devices, though the poor victim of this accident might not have fared any better – unless a PFD might have given him buoyancy and caused the boat to push him to the side instead of running him over. J-mann)

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