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Wed. Aug. 8, 2007 -- 2008 Fluke reg update (down a ways)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007:

You know it’s full-blown summer when its 6 p.m. and the temperature is still toying with the 100-degree mark. Well, the west winds – and they got testy, pushing 25 knots – that are pushing in that scorchiness will eventually bring down temps – for a short time.

The ocean is looking great but the surf fishing isn’t. Flatties are actually the best suds-side target. Kingfish are very scarce though a couple were taken in HC.

Larger black drum could be readying to exit the bay. Even though these beefy drum can tolerate amazingly tough conditions – like bay and lagoon water over 80 degrees – it could be a tad too uncomfortable in the backwaters. Fish to 50 pounds have been taken, South End.

Weakfish are showing near Barnegat Inlet, some to 4 pounds. Tough to find, though. Sparklers remain plentiful in the back bay but are running very small in many areas. Still enough keepers to make a decent stringer. Grasshrimp (if you get them) are the best bet. Small freshwater jigs also work. Larger golden shad darts do well when weakfish are under the boat. Night weakfishing has been fair to good for me – mid-Island, including some rarely fished street ends (near deeper water) in Surf City. I keep no weakies. I’m still tossing freshwater spinners. The ones with small white plastic tails work best.

I’m getting quite a few folks asking how the snorkeling is. Today, the water is nowhere near dive-worthy. However, we’re going to be going through a series of wind switches (SW to W to NW to NE, E then back to torrid SE) from now through next week. The lightness of those winds could bring in prime diveable waters.

Late breaking news thanks to Tom Fote: (I did some editing since Tom was way tired when doing the quick message):

“We are going down from 17.1 to 15.77 in summer flounder -- a new all time low.

ASMFC and MAFMC voted for the quota of 15.77 million pounds for 2008 -- and a 30% reduction in Scup quota. This did not make NMFS
happy since it wanted to reduce the fluke quota to 12.90 million

There was no economic study done on the impacts of this proposed NMFS cut. They have never done an economic study on the effect of regulations on the recreational sector. I always amazes me how congress lets them ignore this standard on M/S Act.

The scup quota was also reduced by 30%...”


I got some not-pretty info on that fatality in the Little Egg Inlet. Here’s one email:

Here's the story. A Boat was coming in from a tuna trip Thursday, and saw a 16 foot boat, possibly a glastron, get hit by a wave. Not sure if he was jumping a wave or was flipped out the side. His boat spun around and around in circles, as the captain floundered in the water. Then the boat ran over the distressed boater, and the prop took off his head and his arm. Evidently he was very heavy and they had problems retrieving his body. The poor sole was only 51 years old, boating out of Tuckerton. BHI/LEI can be VERY dangerous, please be very careful if you try to fish in/near the white water. W.”

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