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Sunday, May 06, 2007: Wind -- but "wild" just waiting to happen

Sunday, May 06, 2007:

You weren’t out there today. It was nasty this a.m. and even though the shower and clouds moved out midday, the north winds were in a piss-poor mood for some reason.

From that dreary intro and into yesterday, when things were gorgeous, though building south winds throughout the day introduced anglers to the famed spring onshore wind freeze. Among some less than stellar reports – mid-island had some slow spots – the South End had some properly propitious popping. Folks throwing out sassies, Fin-S, GULP! and even some hard plugs (Bombers and Redfins) were into nice bass (well into keeper class) and some stunner blues to mid-teens of pounds. Converting those slammers into fall pounds and we’d easily be talking 20 pounds plus.

While the bayside and inlet bassing remains good to great (nighttime especially), the blues are definitely making a bad mark on that bite. I have half a dozen reports where the blues are ripping apart the more sought after bass and weakfish bites. In fact, this spring bluefish passage has every indication it might be the largest in over a decade, with some overtures toward surpassing the big-old days (1980s) when blues ruled the world. However, the past few springs also loomed large, blues-wise, but the subsequent fall showing of slammers was virtually nonexistent.

I have weakfish reports but the hooking seems to be a lot more sketchy than a week back, still the sharpies are talking tiderunners – mainly in the darkness.

Blowfish in goodly numbers are showing in the surf. The puffers are (slowly) stealing clam and, yes, even GULP! baits. I also encourage releasing these spawn-ready fish. They will be hyper-catchable shortly after the spawn, when they eat (inside the bay) to beat the band

(By the by, if you wonder why I capitalize all the letters in GULP!—and use the exclamation mark -- it’s because that’s the proper writing of the trademark name and, believe it or not, I can catch hell when I don’t use it just like that in media stories.)

I’m slowly getting feedback and great reports on my new website (http://jaymanntoday.ning.com/) and I’m still trying to figure out the nuances of the new system. Please bear with me as I wise up – and keep those reports coming. The way the new system should work (ideally) is many reports will go right out to the public sector – as they arrive -- while those that need to be withheld or embargoed go to my private email.

Here’s one jaymanntoday email from Brian D. with a serious striper observation and a weakie release plea:

“got a call from friend ray s, bluefish to 12 lbs, 1 had whole 15 inch striper inside, another had herring. all south end surf late afternoon. going fishing tonight for weakfish, hopefully pictures to follow, these big girls are spawning now so its a catch and release thing ! anybody listening?”

I have a lot more to write about so please stop back over the next couple days as I get the weekly report together and leak out some parts for your pre-reading please.

Charter report: Hello All,

The story in the bay this week has been bluefish, bluefish, and more bluefish. The razor lipped critters invaded the bay last Sunday and have been roaming the shallows ravaging everything in their path all week.

I made it out four days this week, and with the exception of a couple of striped bass that rose to poppers early in the week and a pair of big fluke that went after green BKD's yesterday, the blues have dominated every trip. Surprisingly, we had no weakfish to report in a week that should have marked the annual arrival of the big tiderunners. The bluefish have been mixed in size, ranging from the typical 2-5 pound fish we usually see this time of year up to fish of slammer (10-12 pound) proportions. What a blast some of those big bruisers are when they show up on light tackle, crashing surface plugs in the shallows. They might not be as glamorous as some of the other species, but it's hard to match the fun fishing they provide.

Bassing has been a little slow, but that should pick up this week. Several of the bluefish we cleaned yesterday were filled with bunker, and if there are bunker around the bass are too. We did see some wild swings in water temperatures the past couple of days, with a drop of 12 degrees yesterday on the incoming, but bass fishing will pick up again once that stabilizes a little bit. Until next week. Capt. Jack Shea "Rambunctious" Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters www.BarnegatBayFishing.com

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