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I took my kayak out off the beach in The Dunes. I had been seeing small schools of baitfish on the surface for the past 2 days and wanted to see if there was anything on them. I snagged what I think was a small herring of some sort and dropped it down on my other rod. Then I moved over to another school nearby and was in the midst of trying to snag another when I saw a 3 foot shark cruise up towards the kayak. Then he went down under the boat and came up on the other side. He went down again, knocked the boat, and next thing I knew I had a shark on my line. It began to pull my kayak but then the line snapped. I was not too upset about that as I had no idea what to do with a hooked up shark. Well I had no time to think about it because my other rod was now bent over and I was fighting a larger version of the shark I had just lost. This shark I fought for a while and got it right up next to the boat where I was able to cut the line. I would guess that this shark was about 5 ft long. I am unsure of the species although I think it was probably a brown. It had a broad round head and was greyish/brown in color. I was probably about 300 yds offshore. Any ideas? That was all for me, those sharks have a way of making you feel real small in a kayak.

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