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Sunday, Aug. 5, 2007: Cleaner waters are upon us ...

Sunday, August 05, 2007: Waves: Building 3-4 foot short-period north swell. Water clarity: Excllent. Water tmeps: back to the 70s.

What a difference a day and wind shift make. From dank, weedy and cool, the surfside ocean has gone clean, green and mild. Gusty northeasterly wind has ushered in, via downwelling, outstanding water – water that had been on the surface, warming well out at sea and pushed in by the wind.

The ocean looks primed for some fair stripering as the wave action churns up the shoreline. Considering slowness of the bassing, anything will be an improvement. I’m going to give it a go toward dark today. Jigs mainly.

While yesterday was hopeless in the dirty surf, I had quite a few (more) reports of not just good fluking but more doormats. Obviously, the overflow of undersized fluke remains firmly in palace, both bay and ocean. At the same time, I’ve been checking on some Raritan Bay hooking and we are going so over our quota I can’t even watch any more. In fact, I’ll gladly publish individual email reports but I’m cutting out my own notations of this fishery. Truth be told, there are fluke everywhere – though they’re not always eating, but they’re down there.


jay: had an incredible break off tuesday night on the south end. i caught a lot of cocktail blues every night this past week and decided to chop one in half and throw him on a bunker chunking rig. the baitrunner was screaming so hard that when i set the primary drag it was still taking as much line as it wanted. it was more like being hooked into one of those little subaru rally cars with a 10/0 hook stuck in it's grille. the inevitable breakoff didn't bother me too much 'cuz i knew it was coming. the 80 lb. mono leader was mangled in so many places that i actually saved it. there are a bunch of sharks around right now.-mickey


Here are some pro reports --

“Hello All,

Well it was another good week for fishing (is there such a thing as a bad week fishing?) around here. We had four charters this past week, and they really show what a great mix of opportunities we have available to us.

Tuesday we had George Selph aboard for a mid-week run out to Barnegat Ridge in search of bonito and the tasty little speed demons cooperated (picture 1). What a blast these guys are on light tackle, plus the occasional 10-12# bluefish chasing down our lures added to the excitement. Not only are these bonito fun, but you won't find a better tasting fish anywhere.

Wednesday we had Chicago's Bruce Conner aboard with his dad and 11 year old daughter Emily for some back bay weakfishing. In the hot, muggy weather we did have to do some searching for them, but they returned to the dock with 14 nice keepers in the 16-20" class plus a bunch of small blues.

Friday it was weakfishing again, this time with the "Jim Charter" from Levittown, PA... Jim Stockdale, his 6 year old son Jimmy, father-in-law Jim and (You guessed it) his brother-in-law Uncle Jim. The guys had a great day, ending up with 18 quality keepers in the box plus another dozen blues in addition to releasing a bunch of smaller fish (picture 2). The highlight of the day was 6 year old Jimmy, who had just a few minutes before learned to cast with a spinning rod, hooking, playing and landing a nice 20" weakie all by himself to win the family bragging rights (picture 3). You gotta love it!

Yesterday I had George Selph and Bob Keller back for some fluking north of the inlet, finding a pretty steady pick of fish within a mile of the jetty. Most of the fish were shorts (as we've come to expect with the size limits we're living with) but the guys still boxed a solid 8 keepers to 21" along with another mess of small blues before we headed in at noon.

So there it is, solid action on weakfish, bluefish, bonito and fluke all during the hottest part of summer. Who says summer fishing is slow? Capt. Jack Shea "Rambunctious"
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters


good morning everyone, fishing with plastics for weakfish has been challenging, I have bee picking at them not in great quantities as past season around this time, but I am not giving up I have alot of faith in my soft plastics and will continue to keep plugging away.grass shrimpers have been doing good though. fluke fishing in the bay has been hit or miss. I have been working double creek hard. one day its great another it a slow pick for keepers, plenty of shorts though. thursday I had bill stussi from manhawkin onboard. we started of in the bay back bay for weaks but no takers later we moved into myers hole I read a lot of fish but plenty of bait makes me think these fish are selectively feeding. we moved under the light house and plenty of action with the blues. we started fluking around the lighthouse got plenty of action but no keepers,later we moved over to double creek and found plenty of fish just under a hair of 17 inches we must of caught over 20 fish with only a few keepers in the bunch. talk to you next weak.


Captain Melanie Boytos FisherQueen Custom Bay Charters


Hope all have been staying cool. The bay is almost as hot as the weakfishing right now. The recent heat wave has pushed the bay temperature in the 82 to 84 degree range. Late in the week the Robertson’s quickly caught their limit of weaks to 20”. Saturday I had three generations of one family out, two of which were children that just got done taking the Hook on Fishing Not on Drugs class taught by Barnegat Twp’s Officer Mitchell. Well let me tell you they are hooked on fishing! We headed in early after the team landed around 60 weakfish to 16”. About half were keepers which may be an indication that we are starting to see the annual influx of spike weaks. Chumming shrimp in the open waters on the west side of the bay was the way to go once again.

Take care, Capt. Alex F. Majewski Lighthouse Sportfishing Barnegat Bay, NJ”


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