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Friday Aug. 03, 2007 -- Winds play spoiler

Friday, August 03, 2007: Waves: Building 2-3 foot south windswell. Water clarity: maybe Being lost to side-ass winds; water temps could also take a tumble if upwelling takes place.

By midday, wind played the spoiler nearshore. Hard SE winds blew away ocean fluking – too much drift to contend with. Inside fluking was still very doable and west Barnegat Bay stayed workable though bumpy.

Tomorrow will also be under the wind gun, though those folks going out to the canyons won’t have nearly the blowing out there.

I hate to keep bringing up all this shark stuff but I’m getting more question than ever, mainly about bull sharks. It’s kinda amazing that a single news story about a bull shark has all this speculation about that specific fish – as if it’s a lone ranger out there. Well, I have had upwards of a dozen odd shark reports. By that I mean hookups and releases of sharks that folks just can’t identify.

It has become a very sharky summer – as it has been for the last few summers.

The real shark watch began a few years back with that suspicious injury to a surfer, who went along with the seeming desire (by the public) for a shark attack. I have it on good authority that the injury suffered by the waverider was, in fact, a surfboard-related wound. Regardless, the shark watch has become ongoing, egged on by the stingrays that now arrive annually – with, in deed, a battalion of shark of all different species shagging them.

Through all this talk of exotic spices, like spinners (black-tips) and bulls, the dusky/brown sharks are there for the taking – and releasing after photographing.

I have half a dozen emails asking about any (early) info on the reopening of Holgate. All I know is the target date of August 31 is still in play. Nothing earlier than that, to be sure. I have had no input on the presence of black skimmers, which have kept the very end closed in the past. As for the erosion, folks with binoculars said the erosion (as bad as it is) looks that same as it had in April.

I won’t go into the entire fluke issue – as NMFS continues to talk about significant cutbacks next year – but I have it on very good authority that much in-house discussion is focused on the very good fluking season we’re now having and how any overages will absolutely be taken into consideration as final 2008 poundages are established. It does not look good right now – even with the congressmen fighting for us. It’s to the point where I suggest that flukers enjoy the fishing now.

A.H. called to note amazing bluefishing, south end. He is a bluefish smoker from way back – no, not the Sixties. Years back he offered me a great marinade for my bluefish jerky – which is not nearly the same process or final product achieved by smoking.

My final jerked product is the same tear-with-your-teeth texture of beef jerky and such.

Jerking bluefish heavily relies on a super strong marinade (soak) with a natural smoke flavor and great spices. I like Bay Seasoning as a base then garden herbs to boot. My favorite secret ingredient is celery seed. The soak (in the fridge) should last for maybe 6 to 8 hours – no longer, or you’ll actually begin to cook the fish with spices and the jerked product sucks.

To jerk, I use a modified industrial multi-trayed fruit and vegetable drier that I’ve equipped with screening to support the 6-inch long 2-inch wide filets. However, I have made large batches by using an everyday oven set at warm. The real trick is knowing when to end the drying, so the filets don’t become brittle – and ruined. The meat is delicious when warm, however, the texture when still warm is not the final texture. The meat hardens as it cools.

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