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Thursday, July 26, 2007 -- WMIT is away -- bassing is bleakish while weakies offering sparks

Thursday, July 26, 2007:

As expected, a huge percentage of White Marlin Invitational Tournament entrants went out this very-calm way-early a.m. The weather did throw in a nearshore ripple when winds switched to the NE in response to some storms to the south. Overall, the southerlies will kick in – late-day 10 to 15 mph -- to about 20 miles out where doldrums could prevail. (Check daily update at www.wmit.wordpress.com later today/tonight for the first day of WMIT weigh-ins)

For those hanging close to LBI, the fluking is still there for the taking. I should note that I’ve had had to field some complaints of very slow flatfishing. Hey, that’s the game. There is a noticeable betterness to fluking around Barnegat Inlet and along Double Creek. However, yet another doormat was caught near LE Inlet, though I think that 9-pounder came from outside (maybe toward the reef). How about the Press of Atlantic City editorializing to get rid of the entire reef-building program. I assure you that stance will lose them many a year-round subscriber. Here’s a JCAA/Fote release on that editorial:

(I just sent this out to JCAA Club Representatives. Every time I turn around we are getting attacked somewhere. Here todays attack. This is a big one since artificial reefs play such an important role in recreational fishing industry in NJ. We need your help on this.
Tom Fote)
It is interesting that AC Press has never really supported and help promoting recreational fishing and here is another example. This article not only calls for NJ not to use the subway cars but also calls for shut down of the artificial reef program. If I had a subscription I would cancel it. We need letters to the editors over this.
JCAA will be writing one and hope all the groups do. Sincerely, Tom Fote

As for the effort to cut back (drastically) on the fluke quota for 2008, go to the news releases at WEB PAGE a href="http://www.jcaa.org/" target="_blank">http://www.jcaa.org> There is all the needed data in a larger nutshell. Congressmen Saxton and Pallone are vociferously fighting the proposed fluke cutback – sadly to no apparent avail.

Bassing is borderline bad. I will exclude certain areas on Barnegat Inlet that are fairly hot – as the sharpies who work those zones know. However, stripers are in overall short order. Even those faithful beachside pluggers who always seem to get something on small swimmers and plasticized jigs are having a hard time making predawn runs worth wild. I am doing a little better than that at night.

Weakfishing is a great bayside draw when the stars are aligned just right. After a super initial flow of spikes into the bay, the action has spread thin and (I know it sounds like a broken CD) it comes down to the weakie-fishing kings to find the daily hot spots. Obviously, those boats with a load of grasshrimp to dribble into the water have the best chance of sucking in sparklers. I’m still getting few nightly by located deeper-watered bayside street ends with good lighting. I’m now back to throwing small pickerel-fishing spinners. Jigs work best off bridges. I fellow I know (mainland) has a blast using a bobber with a piece of shedder on a gold baithook.

I don’t know what’s up with they continued thickness of cocktail blues in Barnegat Bay and to a lesser degree down inside LE Inlet. You can catch them by the dozens, which is odd for this late into summer – and a fish that really doesn’t like warm water. You may have also noticed among the e-reports I get that the blues are slinging grasshrimp when pulled aboard. That is so spring-like that it borders on unprecedented summer bluefish eating behavior. Indeed, that makes for totally delicious small bluefish fillets though that food source makes it a tad tougher to smoke or jerky the filet since they dry quicker, as opposed to when they’re dining on oily bunker and spearing (fall time, when I do most of my jerking).

Below is an e-report from a site regular (and also one of the PIs I know on LBI):

“Hey Jay, LMAO on the Private Investigator phone call. Now you know what I go through on the phone handling several of those calls a day. It can be quite amusing.
On the fishing note: Well my 2007 25 parker sport cabin had it debut on Monday 07/16. Brown shark fishing in the great bay. Anchored up @ dark on a incoming tide. chummed like hell threw whole bunker and mackeral. All smooth dogs. Not 1 brown. Tide shifted and still 0. Just wasn't our night.
Sunday 07/22- Went weaking around 6 pm. First green can in channel heading to long point closest to Morrisons. Anchored up on slack tide with north wind. Just sea bass, porgies, and smooths until the tide started to rip out. Then the weaks and blues moved in on our chum slick. All weaks 15-23 inches. Blues were 1 to 2 lbs. Left them biting .
Tuesday 07/24- Weaking again @ 5pm same location as above. Worked the last 1/2 hour of incoming, Slack & outgoing. Sea bass, sea robins, Smooths, & A I don't know fish. All on grass shrimp. Caught a fish that might be a sheephead. Tuna like tail with flat vertical body slight black lines on it (vertical). We also have had these fish follow up a small seabass that we caught right up to the surface about 8 of them on this fish just watching it. That's it for now.
Bob K.”


Below is one of those cage-rattling emails I fully relate to. I’m glad to be of service to allow such venting herein.

Hi Jay,

I have been a reader of your fishing blog for years now. You seem to know all there is to know about island issues so I thought I'd contact you with some beach related questions/issues. First issue is launching kayaks. I was about to head out fishing from 125th St in my kayak and a lifeguard approached me and said I couldn't launch from there I had to go to a surfing beach. I mentioned that I was not near the swimmers and was heading offshore. He said he understood, but I had to launch and return to a surfing beach. I then asked where the surfing beach was, as the next beach over had been a surfing beach last year. He responded that he didn't know yet (This was at the end of June) so I could go to the other side of the jetty to launch it. Not a huge deal, but it makes no sense to have people launching a kayak to cruise around outside of the swimming area, launch from a surfing beach.

Another problem it seems with the LBT surfing beaches is that when the waves are actually decent the guards seem to be looking for reasons to close the surfing areas. Even when no swimmers are in the water they hassle people anywhere near the flags and don't allow people to paddle out in different locations depending on the currents. I am not by any means anti-lifeguard and after talking to them many seem to be in agreement but the orders are handed down from the top. Why is Donny Myers so against people surfing? LBT has so much ocean being witheld from public access it is a real shame. Why can't they adopt a similar strategy to Ship Bottom which allows multiple uses outside all of the swimming areas? This seems to work out really well and I have not heard of any problems.

Recently a friend of mine was ticketed for disobeying a lifeguard in Surf City for surfing on a non-surfing beach. A lifeguard never paddled out to tell her and she said she didn't know she was even being kicked out of the water. The cops were waiting on the beach and the location of the infraction was listed as "ocean". Do the police have jurisdiction over the "ocean"?

Finally, I am floored that LBT doesn't have recycling cans on its beaches. I remember in a Sandpaper article them mentioning putting 6 cans on this summer. That is useless and they may as well not put any out there. Almost every other beach I have visited around the country has recycling cans. Especially as a shore community we should be leaders of good environmental practices. And can't we do away with the beach raking? Save some money and allow our beaches to look somewhat natural, what does it actually accomplish? Maybe the ghostcrabs will even come back.

Anyway sorry for this rant Jay. I was just in Hawaii for my honeymoon and coming back to LBI I felt like I had no freedom to use the ocean in the many ways that it can be used. Many of my friends have been commenting on this as well. As a side note we chartered a boat out of Kauai and caught 4 yellowfin and 6 skipjack. What a blast!

Thanks again for your fishing reports.

Dave H

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