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We went fluking in the ICW from Holgate to BH on the 4th of July. Winds were cranking first out of the SW then to the SE. The ride there was OK till BHYC when we had 3 - 4 swells right on top of one another (Not Fun). We started our drift in holgate. On the first drift I nailed a 13' flattie that went back....I thought it was going to be a good trip, However the fluke stopped biting or we could of been drifting a little fast even with the parachute out.... The drifts were near perfect. Only a couple of sea robins for the taking, They went back too.. We headed to the inlet and found blues on the way with birds working them... on the bars near the icw and marshelder merge.. 1 pounders had spearing pinned up all over the bars. We threw 007's at them and were hooked up right away. We took 16 home for table fair.. They actually fillet pretty good...Can't wait to taste them.... On the way in drifted marshelders, fish factory, And icw by morrisions and nothing of course. Maybe some flatties next time..

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