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Monday July 2, 07 -- Reporters take over

Monday, July 02, 2007: Waves: Small.

Thanks to the following reporters for filling in my blog today -- as I write heavily at work.

Jay, Have a few fun stories for you about this weekend. Saturday we headed out with the family for a boat trip off BH. Decided to stalk bunker schools instead of fluke fishing. I snagged a pair of bunker and hooked them on 20lb conventional gear for my wife and sister-in-law. It wasn't long and Maria hooked up in a big way. She fought the fish for 20 minutes and she started to tire. She wanted me to hold the rod above the reel so she could rest her arm. After explaining IGFA rules saying I couldn't touch the rod in case of a record fish, she threatened if the fish makes another run she's letting go. I reluctantly put the gaff down and lent her a hand. After a few more minutes my speculation of a 60lb bass disappeared. This fish was fighting much, much harder then any striper I've seen. My suspicion was correct. After getting both hands back on the rod, she brought her biggest fish ever boatside--- a near 6 foot,100lb+ brown shark. We tried to get some photos but after I had the fish on the leader it snapped in my hands.
After cleaning the boat up, I hit the BH surf with some of the fresh bunker I snagged. As I was talking to some vacationers the guy's daughter says, "dad look at the fish jumping out of the water". I look out in the surf and see nothing. She says, "look, there it is again". This time I see a decent striper spashing about shaking his head. I look over to see my convetional rod about to come out of the sand spike. I got sidetracked and forgot to put the reel in freespool with the clicker on. I took off and grabbed the rod and landed a 30" bass. The kids pleaded with me to release the fish, but I was going to anyway. I got only one other hit and it was a dogfish.
After releasing both fish, the daughter announced she wasn't going to swim far out in the ocean anymore because of the two "big" fish I caught. Boy, if she only knew!
Anyhow, bayside dock fishing was very slow. Plenty of bait after dark, but no fish. Too much noise had to be a factor. Till next time.
Joe H


Hey Jay,

Well, I finally was able to pull out of the WaWa parking lot in SB and make it to the boat. We left way to late on Sunday as some of the people that went drank to much OJ the night before. We were supposed to leave @ 5:30 am which turned into 10:30 am. We headed south to BH and worked the intercoastal from 110 south. Two skates started the day off on killie/squid combo. We switched to gulp and the action began. New penny peeler crab and 2'' shrimp were the highest takers. Several short fluke but we had a 19 & a 19 1/2 fluke for the box. A sea robin that spined me in the hand made it into the box. I couldn't believe how good that fish was, Not much meat but tasty. I always thoght of that species as a junk fish but remebered reading a post on your site that stated they were pretty good table fair. Truth be told, I lost my temper a little bit as i was frustrated with the inconsiderate boaters that fly by you 10 feet off your boat in that huge water way down there ( there was plenty of room for more distance). After getting spined by that robin I took it out on the fish as he made me bleed it was over quickly for him. I figured I would try it as table fair. I might eliminate them off the junkfish list. Crabbing has picked up to heavy this week. That's all till next time.

Bob K


Hi Jay, Fished Saturday inside of LEI around the Coast Guard Station and the old bunker
factory. We could only manage one 18 1/2 keeper, with about 10 short
ones. Not many legal fluke on any other boats that I saw. BUT...A boat
next to us got a 31" Fluke! He said he was gonna weigh it at Rands on GB
Blvd. Scott's B&T reported a 10lb. 2oz fluke. If a 31"er goes 10..2, it
may be that Fish.



The charter boat REEL TROUBLE out of Morrisons, beach haven had a nice catch of tuna and mahi today. Four 50# yellowfins and
one 115# bluefin were caught just south of toms canyon. Sean
Rokita of brant beach was the angler on the big bluefin.


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