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Sunday July 1, 2007 -- Winds of bass change?

Sunday, July 01, 2007: Waves: Building to 2-4 feet but afternoon with a strong north to south current.

(Money for winners of Simply Bassin’ 2007 is in the shops. Go to the shop were you weighed in the bass. It was the largest turnout yet for the event, with a touch over 180 anglers, meaning the prize money was close to the 200-entrant schedule. Thanks to all those who joined in.)

The winds got pretty serious as the full affects of the recent cold front was felt. NE winds pushed 15 to 20 mph. Despite a gorgeous day overall, the air temps barely made 80 degrees. This entire week won’t be a sizzler by any stretch. However, this stir might be what it takes to improve the overall action. Resident bass should be actively feeding. Clams and warmish plastics (jigged) should shine.

Bluefishing is sketchy but nice work if you can get it. Along with cocktail blues are gators to 15 pounds. Boat anglers zipping all round were most likely to come across cells of blues.

I’m getting ready for my weekly blog so any cool stories or better fish you want to make famous, contact me at jmann99@hotmail.com.

Fluking remained iffy today, as many boats stayed inside and got into decent hooking but lowish keeper rates. Here’s a couple reports:

good morning everyone, fluke fishing still remains to be strong in the west side of the bay and in dc channel. keeper ratio is strong with fish coming over the gunnel being in the 2-3 lbs range. using the good old standby the bucktail tiped with a kelli or spearing will do the trick. fish are spitting up tiny spearing and loads of sand shrimp. wednesday our lodge the lacey elks 2518 took out the disabled vets on the carolyn ann out of barneget light. capt will put us on the sea bass good and even some ling came over the rails. our lodge does this trip twice a year and it very rewarding for all of us, to give back to the guys and gals who did so much for all of us. thursday I had joe bad boy from barnegat out for some fluking.we picked away at the fluke and brought home some nice fish for a couple of dinners. theres also no shortage of blues in the back bays either they are on the small size though and I have to say the sea robins are in full force in double creek. talk to you next weak


Captain Melanie Boytos FisherQueen Custom Bay Charters


Hello All,

We spent three of our four trips this week combing some of the back bay spots for fluke with mixed success. Early in the week action was a little slow with shorts dominating the catch both days, but by Thursday we had mostly keepers in the 19-21" range... nice back bay fish. The west side of the bay continues to produce, but it is taking several drifts to locate pockets where fish are holding. Double Creek and Oyster Creek Channels are still producing, but large mats of floating eelgrass can make for some difficult and frustrating drifts.

Yesterday we tried the ocean and probably should have stayed in the bay. Spirits and expectations were high when we easily filled the livewell from the pods of bunker running from the inlet all the way north to the Seasides. Hard as it was to believe with all that prime bait around, no bass or blues seemed to be on them. In fact, the only rods we saw bent were anglers snagging bunker. With that much bait still around, it's only a matter of time until the big fish find them and give us a couple more shots at trophy stripers.

Until next week.

-- Capt. Jack Shea
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters

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