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Saturday June 30, 2007 -- Happy Holidays -- or is that next weekend?

Saturday, June 30, 2007:

Just a quick early-day note to say brown sharks are in and large. Mainly water of the South End. Sharkers have landed big fish with the famed and seemingly inevitable unstoppable run-offs thrown in. There’s always the chance of a huge bull being in the mix – and among the unstoppables when maxing out in size. With rays now showing – in small numbers – a slew of shark species can conceivably be in the mix. I’ve seen whites at this time of year.

Fluking has remained very good in Double Creek, which gets packed on the weekends – inviting folks to explore a bit, always a good thing.

Today’s subdued lighting should help the fishing cause though the periods of lighter a.m. winds hurt the drifts but the breezes are due to increase to a perfect drift speed. Ocean fluking off IBSP (slightly deeper water) is going to turn on soon.

Bassing is nowhere near what it has been. Bunker pods should be easy to spot today so maybe some larger fish will get caught and released. Surfside we are really into the resident fish swing of things – and the beaches are so beachgoer drenched that it’s kinda tough settle into any serious relaxation mode, plus, Surf City bans surfcasters during the day – the doing of the town’s King (Len) Connors, the only mayor in Jersey who considers himself the one and only ruler and screw the thoughts and feelings of the people (just go to a town meeting and try to say something even slightly contrary to Connors thinking and feel the wrath of Con.

Weakfish are a pleasant surprise though they are, in deed, surprises since most are caught secondarily to fluking and such. Many of these rogues are still the big sparklers slowly exiting the bay for the summer, though the arriving over-summer weaks always have a few near-tiderunners mixed in. However, there is still no sign of heavy incoming spike weakies, the stuff that indicate a summer-long grass shrimp-related bite. M.T. had two weakies, both exactly 7 pounds. He commented that they were some of the best tasting weaks he ever had. I’ve heard that before about spawned out sparklers, that have regained body fat through grass shrimp and other sweeter crustaceans. I know I’ve noted this before but small spearing, also on the spawned out weakie diet, are also very low in oils and add a milder flavor to the weakfish fillets.

Bluefishing is there but not nearly as there as recent weeks. If you want them look for birdplay or simply jig the mouth of Barnegat Bay (staying out of the main channel where boat traffic will be astronomical this weekend and next – as folks try to figure which weekend is the holiday with July 4th falling on a Wednesday this year). By the by, for real family fun, jump aboard one of the headboats out of B.L. that go up to Seaside for the fireworks. Check the ads near my fishing column in The SandPaper.

Back to fishing: Somewhat alarming is the lack of any “variety fish,” be they kingfish, blowfish, triggers, even window panes and such. I hate to say it but it’s ecologically pretty pathetic both bay and ocean, though crabs are making a decent showing and will explode after this moon. In fact, most tackle shops are back-loading frozen bunker for the weeks of heavy crabber folk business.

And to those crabber folks I beg (!): Please clean up after yourselves.

I know this falls on deaf ears in here since most of the flagrant litterers are not hardcore anglers (or blog readers) but that user group is far-and-away the worst trash droppers of all. I’m not even sure why. They simply choose to leave crap where it drops. Go to any popular crabbing site and tell me I’m wrong. I especially hate those yellow foam plates and saran wrap that go with chicken necks.

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