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Wednesday June 26, 2007 -- Slowing to a halt

Wednesday, June 27, 2007:

Some fair fluking early today (Double Creek had a few of those keeper fluke spurts) then the wind played ruiner.

After a period of fine fishing I have to admit things are not so hot. In fact, they’re downright crappy for a few of my regular reports. Here’s a bit of encapsulation of that slowness:

“jay, i just couldn’t bring myself to give up on the bass until i got skunked so i fished the south end last night on the outgoing from 8pm-midnight. first cast (why does this always happen?) took the spike down to the sand and i hook into something that took all the 50lb braid off my reel right down to the backing and SNAP. i have to assume it was a monster blue but anyone’s guess is as good as mine. ended up catching a 25lb cownose ray a little while later and then a bunch of garden variety skates. a bizzare night of fishing, but i’m putting away my surf gear until the fall run. i fished fresh clams and bunker. –mickey

(Sound like quite a few serious striperers are going into their heavy work schedule until end time, i.e. post Labor Day. J-mann)

Another slowbie report: J,

I fished Friday night in the surf using bunker and had no takers, (one skate). I threw in the towel as the water was so clear and the surf so calm that I figured it would be very lucky to connect with a bass. Sunday, I fished the Ocean bunker pods and caught nothing but bunker. Monday I fished the bay in middle grounds and the holgate area and caught enough flounder for a flounder dinner. Prett slow over all.



Here’s an email from B – down in PR:

Hey Jay, I stopped in the “Great Taste” Chinese restaurant in Condado tonight and they had no blackies in the tank. I asked the Maitre D why they didn’t have any “New York grouper” and he said “it’s not in season!!!!!!!” They even know it down here! Damn!!!!!!! They know the season, but they don’t know the size limits! Unfknbelievable!!!! B


Congressional report: House to Pass Funds for National Wildlife Refuge Legislation provides $451M for 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Jim Saxton (NJ-3rd), today hailed the expected passage tonight of critical funding for the nation's National Wildlife Refuges.

Saxton, a leader in the fight to increase funding for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the nation's 545 wildlife refuges, said $451 million has been included for O&M of the refuges in the 2008 Interior Appropriations Act expected to pass the House tonight.

"The operation and maintenance funding has been falling off since 2004, and we need to restore it," said Saxton, a senior member of the House Natural Resources Committee. "In an age of overdevelopment and shrinking wildlife habitat, a National Wildlife Refuge can be an oasis for nature."

A founder and co-chairman of the Congressional Wildlife Refuge Caucus, Saxton helped push the House Appropriations Committee to provide a 14 percent hike over 2007.

There are five national wildlife refuges in New Jersey, including the 47,000-acre Edwin B. Forsythe Refuge in Ocean, Burlington and Atlantic counties. While New Jersey is the fifth smallest state, it is also the 11th most populous state.

"New Jersey is the most densely populated state in America, and nowhere is the need for wildlife refuges more important than here," Saxton said.

At Forsythe, this O&M funding could be used to reverse personnel staff laid off in recent years, fund repairs to dikes or demolish abandoned buildings.


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