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1. Participating Shops: - Barnegat Light Bait & Tackle, Barnegat Light 609-494-4566
- Fisherman's Headquarters, Ship Bottom 609-494-5739
- Jingle's Bait & Tackle, Beach Haven 609-492-2795
- Surf City Bait & Tackle, Surf City 609-494-2333 (formerly Bruce & Pat's)

2. Entry fee is $20 per person.

3. All contestants must complete a tournament entry form prior to fish being caught and submitting their catch.

4. Stripers must be caught in accordance with local, state and federal laws.

5. Stripers must be caught by means of rod and reel.

6. To qualify, stripers must be over 32 inches and caught on Long Beach Island. The bridges connecting the Island with the Mainland are off-limits.

7. A contestant may only win one cash prize.

8. Contestant must hook, fight and land a bass to have it qualify.

9. Stripers can be weighed in at any participating shop during regular store hours. These hours may vary. Check with individual shops.

10. To weigh in a fish, contestants MUST have the 2007 Long Beach Island Surf Bass Tournament registration form which is received when signing up. No exceptions. Lost forms will require re-registering for the event at an additional fee of $20.

11. Striper size will be based primarily on weight. Should two bass have identical weights, first the length then the girth will be considered. The final tiebreaker will be date of catch with the earliest weigh-in winning.

12. Contestants agree to allow the Tournament directors to take photos for publicity purposes.

13. Contestants must personally weigh in fish within 24 hours of catching it.

14. Leader board will be posted in weigh stations.

15. The Tournament committee has the right to eliminate any bass that they deem as taken in violation of the rules. Tournament committee decision is final.

Comments: More than ever, this is a street-end event, a chance for you to simply go to your favorite spot and see what happens. Careful attention will be paid to where contestants are catching fish. This is purely a surf and bank fishing event and the committee sincerely hopes no boat fisherman try to sneak on-scene and ruin it for everyone. If you land a major money bass, it definitely helps to take notice of any witnesses to your catch. Fish should be brought for weigh-in ASAP, not only to maximize its weight but also to avoid being eliminated because an entrant signed up on Tuesday and the bass looks like it had been around since Monday. The decision of tournament directors is fast and final.

This is a grass-roots event and grass-roots evaluations are in order. Keep it clean and keep it fun and we hope to have another contest next spring.


Supported by Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce

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