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Friday Sept. 26, 08 -- Holgate takes beating; storm subsides

Friday, September 26, 2008: Waves: Nasty large. Water clarity: good. Water temps 67 to 70.

Holgate is closed until further notice. Beach overwash there was moderate at high tide with un-passable zones for a very long stretch south of osprey nest. Major showing of exposed roots and even ancient sod banks. A new major “break” point is showing in the area south of Osprey Nest. Holgate days remain numbered as it erodes away to nothingness. I know that’s bleak but you should see some of the older aerial maps when overlaid with recent satellite shots. The reality of the erosion is pathetically apparent. I hate being overly dramatic from my side of the tracks but I don’t see a pressing need to stay on LBI when Holgate is no longer accessible. I’m not real sure where I’ll go – since the Outer Banks are now overcrowded and I’m not sure about doing Costa Rica 24-7 – considering I’ve never even been there.

Note: Talking with Keith Watson, a longtime volleyball buddy of mine and the project manager for the Army Corps LBI beach-repair project, a Holgate beach replacement would be far easier than anything going on now (Surf City and, soon, Harvey Cedars). The ICW is in constant – and desperate -- need of deepening and widening. This immaculately clean sand from such a dredging could be instantly pumped onto Holgate – as could some of the billion of cubic yards in the shoal areas SE of the Holgate tip. There’s enough excess sand out there to re-beach all of LBI. The only reason it’s not used is the expense in piping it any further north than, say, Jap Hole.

One other aspect of the Holgate demise is the way the “remains” will unacceptably impact federally maintained water, namely the ICW. There is absolutely no doubt that the minor migration accompanying the current erosion would totally close off the ICW from #113 southward. While the lose of beach access will impact maybe 100 or so buggyists the loss of that channel will devastate the entire boating realm (and economy) along with violating strict federal mandates about maintaining the navigability of the ICW. Add to that the fact that losing the ICW there would lead to the almost immediate shallowing and eutrophication (aquatic vegetation overgrowth) of the bay from Beach Haven southward. Let’s see what the homeowners and boaters have to say about all of that.

The winds are swinging around to the south and lightening up to an extreme -- barely blowing at sunrise today.

As for salvaging this weekend, it now looks possible. And it’s a huge weekend to salvage with the Baymen’s Decoy Show taking place down in Tuckerton on Saturday. Hopefully, vendors won’t be put off by what will amount to some spritzes and sky spits. As for fishing, it will be tough for surfcasters – though stripers are feeding within all those beachline suds – and very doable for boaters willing to hang in the bay and inlets.

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