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Saturday, September 06, 2008: Waves: 3-5 feet and building throughout the day. Water clarity: Good but will get churned. Water temps: mid-70s.

It was hurry up and wait, as highly pooped Hanna took her time getting here. Waiting for tropical storms is like waiting for water to boil. I found it interesting how many folks were out and about (at storms and what-not) after sitting at home sky watching and seeing next to nothing, storm-wise. In fact, as I was among those tiring of waiting for the gusts. I hit places like the Old and New Shop and then sat around my buddy Norm C’s collectibles shop on Route 9. It became more and more crowded out there. When the drips began to fly, around midday, it was hugely anticlimactic. I headed back to LBI as what looked to be the first big squalls arrived from Hanna -- and it was less than we get during a minor thunderstorm. I didn’t see even a 40 mph gust. I’m that not complaining, mind you. And I pity those sitting in the grind zone of a real hurricane brute, Ike – now reaching Category 4.

Moisture-wise, we didn’t even get a major soaking out of this. Maybe an inch or two (very most) – but far from the talk of 6 inches.

Of course, this is just what emergency agencies hate seeing. The easy-going Hanna will surely inspire folks to disbelieve in full-blown hurricane deadliness. When a biggy does sown, unbelievers will by easy prey when they stay instead of advisedly fleeing.

There were even some fishing reports today. Sunrise saw some very good weakfishing, going for pink GULP!. There were bluefish near the inlet (inside bay).

Holgate is closed down for the storm. It’ll reopen very quickly, I’m thinking.

The pullout rate for boats was through the ceiling. Boatyards were going crazy prior to Hanna. Many were pullouts for the year, sped up a bit. Others angler-types are going to be quickly sticking their vessels back in – wanting to be afloat for the heart of the year’s best fishing days.

On a somewhat related erosion subject, I had a couple folks ask about the pending beach replenishment in Harvey Cedars and when it’ll begin, i.e. will it interfere with fishing? I’ll ask the fellow in charge of the project, an LBI homeowner and a long-time volleyball buddy of mine.

TV TUNA: As I waited out the non-TS event (by my ratings), I watched an astounding high-def show program “Tuna Wranglers” on The Discovery Channel. It’s about Aussie fishermen that net massive number of tuna, transfer them into a monster pen for fattening. The underwater photographer is mind-boggling, especially when the divers are down there determining if a netted school is the right size and quality. Yep, these guys ever check out the desirability of tons and tones of circling fish before committing them to pen time – and expense. They then ever so slowly transport the tuna to allotted farming areas. Lots of beer drinking. This is, after all, guys from Down Under, with the highest per capita beer consumption of anywhere else in the world. I’m not sure if it goes hand-in-hand, but these guys clear the pens of invasive sharks by hand-wrestling them out into the open sea. I like the part about “tuna thunder,” when the fish sway their tails side to side making an rumbling alarm sound. It’s a sign one of those sharks got inside the pen. The biting of a single tuna can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, per the shows narrator. That indicates why the penned tuna are worth over $20 million – and much more, if it’s a large penful. Check out the show – which, per all Discovery shows, is frequently replayed.

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