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June 28, 08 -- Great water and freaky fluking

Saturday, June 28, 2008: waves: Building 2-4 foot south groundswell. Water clarity: Excellent. Water temps: Mid-60s. The above data should tell you some major changes have taken place along the beachfront. Very pretty water has edged in on the lap of the offshore breezes. It’s not only cleaner but warmer, almost 8 degrees higher than yesterday –as is prone to happen this time of year when scalding air temps warm the ocean’s surface leading to what might called surface eddies. This is not to say that forecasted south winds won’t upwell colder water but today and likely tomorrow is looking’ fine. As for the fishing, there is a fairly bizarre bite on the north end of the Island near the inlet, where surfcasters are bailing fluke, some big fluke, as fast as they cast out. I’m guessing these are flatties moving out of the bay as waters there will approach 80 degrees in the back areas. Whatever the reason for that fluke presence, a few folks are using combo baits and catching fish by the dozens and dozen. By the by, it is too rough to sneak in there by boat. That leads into another change in conditions today. A fairly significant groundswell has moved in out of the south. After a stretch of super small waves, these well-marked lines are making the clean water look that much better. While waveriders are loving this, I have to think the jetty pluggers might also cash in on the nearshore stir. I had a chat with a fellow very close to the striper fishermen of the South End and it turns out that last batch of bunker-based bass was a lot more pronounced than I had heard. Seems there were even some hard feelings as fishing folks were bringing in loads of huge fish, just because they could. I think it’s just human nature to haul home “the big one.” I also heard that quite a few 50s were taken -- with a 56-pounder highlighting the action. Bassing has quieted drastically in many areas. However, this clean water could make the bunkies an easy mark. Spear fishermen are out in Barnegat Inlet. Note: One of my writers at The SandPaper is doing a story of spearfishing on LBI so if you are spear person or know one, please drop me an e-line jmann99@hotmail.com. If anyone is close to the tale of the wader on the mainland (bay water) who was bitten by a snake, please contact me with the story. I had an email asking where all the pelican are. Good question. There’s all this bait out there for them to dive upon. For the past dozen or so years, the pelicans have arrived by now – after having never been here before.

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