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Tuesday June 10, 08 : Very iffy on the bass front --

Tuesday, June 10, 2008: Waves: Flat. Winds: Calm (4 a.m.) Currents: Light. Water temps: Low 60s.

Despite a calm-down of winds and currents, the bassing remains iffy to non-existent. That’s both surf and sea.
Bluefish are everywhere and, per usual, very receptive.
Fluking is quiet. Not the catching part, that has been fair for keepers and brisk overall. It’s quiet in the fact not many folks are targeting them. Snot grass in factor north end. (See below)

Panfish (blowfish, kingfish, croakers, misc.) very slow with the exception of a few hotspots west Barnegat Bay. There has been a resurgence in shrimping off the Carolinas and a corresponding drop in panfishing locally.

Here’s a telling e-report. It shows the striper flare-up off the South end and the tough go north end:

“Well, (a) 39lb bass fell for my live snagged bunker off Beach Haven in 8 to 15 feet of water Thursday evening. We also had a 28 lb, and a 10lb linesider boated. We lost several other fish in the 30 to 40lb mark. Bunker were being pushed towards land and were being crashed by bass sending hundreds of bunker into flight at the same time. it sounded like a water fall.

Friday, June 6th. Beat my best ever from the day before with a 50lb linesider coming into the boat. It was the only one for the evening. It was caught on the south end outfront in 15 feet of water.

Saturday, June 7th. I fished the High Point Volunteer Fire Company 2nd Annual Striper Shoot Out. Well, Let's say I fished the skunk all day. After going out the Barnegat Inlet through pea soup fog we headed south to Harvy Cedars to the first bunker pod, Nothing all day after moving from pod to pod. A 44.7 won the tourney. If I could of only fished the south, LOL. This was a great time had by all. Nice party too.

Sunday, June 8th. Went out looking for bunker from south end. Nothing from Holgate to North Beach. Found some in Harvey Cedars but nothing under them. Heard some chatter that the bass were further north near the ferris wheel off Seaside. We took a quick vote on the boat and north we headed. Bass were actually feeding on the top, I seen bass just swimming on the surface eating bunkies. We got one in the mid 30lb range. Had a few more run offs. And of course watched other boats with double hook ups. Headed in around 8:30 back at the dock in Manahawkin at at 9:15. That's my report for now. More to come soon. BTW, When are the brown sharks due in??????

(Brown sharks are starting to show already – as are other larger toothier sharks. A second report came in of a hooked bass being dissected (not just bitten) by sharks in the surfline. J-mann)

Here’s another e-report:

“Postponed my inaugural trip on Saturday due to the fog. Left the launch Sunday morning at 5:30 and headed up along IBSP looking for bunker. Nothing. I saw a fleet of boats between the bathing beach and Seaside. Headed that way and found a small pod of bunker but nothing doing underneath. Did not see any action with the fleet so I headed back toward the inlet.
Threw some plastic at the monument at the north jetty and was immediately greeted by 8lb blues. They were aggressive and must have sharpened their teeth for my arrival since they were hitting high on the lures and keeping them for their trophy case. Saw a couple of boats gathered up just out past the bars on the south pocket and they were working big pods of bunker that were all over but not really excited other than their normal surface splash..
Everyone was dragging their bunker but nothing doing with the bass. Took my remaining bunker into the inside of the north jetty and tried a couple of drops and all I was doing was feeding the blues as quickly as the fish reached the bottom. It was getting steamy so I headed in at 9:30.
Forgot to mention in my earlier email that there was ocean snot grass everywhere I went yesterday. I can’t even imagine what the back bay looks like and how hard. it must be to try for some fluke.
Walt P.
Pro report: Not a great report, but all my customers had a blast with either snagging bunker or catching some real big blues.
Here ya go:

Fishing Report 6/7/08: Today we had two trips scheduled.
Morning Trip: I was out this morning with Butch and Carol Palmer of PA. and their friends. The fog was as thick as pea soup in the morning so we had to crawl out there. We went looking for bunker and we found them a few miles north of the inlet. Only trouble was that the water temp dropped and there were no bass under any of the schools. This party didnty want bluefish, so we stuck it out with no luck.
Afternoon Trip: Was out with Jamie Sholl and friends from PA as well. They just wanted to catch fish! So I headed my boat right back to where I found them the day before and we bailed big blues from 12 LBS. plus. Biggest was about 15 LBs. Jamie and crew never caught such big aggressive fish before and were amazed at the battle of these bruisers. Their last words to me tonight were, "We'll be back! - Definately!!" Come and get em now. If you want unbelieveable action then now is the time to target blues! We are also still booking tuna dates. Some good dates are still available, but you better hurry as they are going very fast! Tuna will be ariving soon! Capt. John

Fishing Report 6/8/08: We went out today with Nick and friends, which were another group from Romania looking for stripers and blues. Well the bass were no where to be found, but the blues were a different story! we caught all monsters of 13-15 lbs.! We caught them all on bunker chunks. Capt. John A. Cafiero
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