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Sunday, June 01, 2008: More 40s in Simply ...

Sunday, June 01, 2008: Wind played the ruiner for most folks yesterday but thing slacked off a bit today – though the forecasted west winds waited until afternoon to kick in to clean up the beachside bump in the surf.
For those somewhat-few on the winning side of stripers, things just keep getting bigger, working toward the 50s. As proof, here’s the latest rundown in the 2008 Simply Bassin’ 8-week tourney:
“Gene S.’s breaking of the 40-pound barrier on Thursday loosed the hounds, so to speak. A lot of folks are working the suds, real hard. And it’s paying dividends. Today, Joe Filice worked the south end and went yard with a fine 42-8. On Friday, Perennial Simply Bassin’ top-spot contender Shawn Taylor went big-cow, using bunker to come to terms with a 48-12 signifi-striper. That entry sets the top-spot bar up near that 50-pound territory, a threshold size that should be fully attainable in this year’s event, based on the arriving cows related to the bunker pods.”
However, there are a load of variables when striper-seeking: Here’s a apropos report, showing the here-and –there angle on angling:
“Once again the weather played a role in the fishing but there was still plenty of action to be had if you knew how to work the back bay when outside conditions were not favorable. There are plenty of bass in the 20 – 30 pound range but during the most recent trip we found the bunker outside but could not get a bite. Bringing the fresh baits to the inside proved deadly for blues from 6 to 12 pounds. At times we had three on at a time and it was pure mayhem! With big bass and blues outside and now big blues and some bass inside it is time to get out there. If you have the time give me a call to get in on this great action. Capt. Alex Majewski Lighthouse Sportfishing.”

Leaderboard June 1:

1)Shawn Taylor 5/30
7 p.m. 48-12 47 ¼”
27” B.L. area Bunker
2) Joe Filice 6/1
8 a.m. 42-8 47”
27” Beach Haven Bunker
3) Gene Slaughter 5/29
4 p.m. 41-0 47 ½” 25 ½” BH park Bunker
4) Bill Montrey 5/23
7 a.m. 30-2 43 ¼
22 3/4 Holgate area Clam
5) Rob Vallone 5/26
6 p.m. 28-0 42”
23 ¼” B.L. area Bunker
6) Jason DelFalazzo 5/16
6 p.m. 25-9 40 ¼”
22 ½” B.L. area Bunker
7)Bob Buchanan 5/23
7 p.m. 25-2 42 1/8”
21 ½” B.L. area Bunker
8) Matt Chistensen 5/22 23-15 40 ¼”
21” Harvey Cedars Bunker

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