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Add-on -- April 20, 08 -- Blues punishing baits of all sorts

Sunday, April 20, 2008: The tale of the fishing day is being spoken in chopperese. For south to north, big-ass blues are grabbing everything from clam baits meant for bass to live herring totally meant for bass. The South jetty had the rip-ready blues grabbing the helpless herring. The blues were cruising the frontbeach(heading northward) along much of LBI, though that didn’t mean that everyone had them. They are big in the head though the bodies are not as slender as we sometimes see them this time of year. That could be the bunker they’re running into or the schools of small herring they’re chasing, sometimes close enough to the jetties to cast a net on them.

That’s not the only thing running big. I got a phone message from Fisherman’s Headquarters that a gall caught a 77-2 black drum. I didn’t get all the info since the shop was closed by the time I got home so I’ll get the names and details tomorrow for my weekly rundown.

I had reported keeper bass this a.m. but most folks I talked to after that had only seen the blues.


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