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Saturday April 19 -- Tough call out there

Saturday, April 19, 2008: I know it helps no one when I write this but reports were all over the board. I’m getting reports from folks heavily winning over small bass up the Mullica (on small plugs, plasticized jigheads and also on bait) while LBI surfcasters are finding a mixed bag of hit-or-miss blues, weaks and bass while others (possibly a majority) didn’t have a touch – nor did they see any surrounding casters bring in anything. Still, there were photos and even a couple shop weigh-ins to prove that at least some folks had take-home fare. In the surf, it seems to be heavily bait oriented action.

I heard some radio chatter about bluefish in the bay. If the weaks are in there too I’ve yet to get word – or see major indicators, like filled in parking areas near night fishing locales.

I chatted with a fellow who fishes the Cape May “Rips” and he is of the mindset that things could explode on the big bass front, though he says they are not in the system yet. He forwarded an invite for me to come down and try out the action thereabouts. “It’s good right now but not a sure thing. Plenty of shorts.” I have never fished that area so I might take him up on the offer.

I’ll soon be passing on LBI and Southern ocean County stuff, as many readers of this blog prepare so come this way. I’m trying to get a read on this “disrobing” ordinance in LBT and whether or not it includes chest waders. Hey, I know it includes neoprene wetsuits and my waders are neoprene. That just shows the can-of-worms potential with any restrictive ordinances.

By the by, local gas prices for a gallon of regular are, at best, $3.25 (new Wawa on Rte. 72 westbound). I don’t know if it’s me pushing the season, but I was surprised at all the boats still in dry dock up around Morrison’s today. It looks like the dead of winter, vessels still enwrapped in blue plastic cocoons.

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Comment by ronk654 on April 19, 2008 at 9:49pm
The best price for gas believe it or not is on the Parkway! They are locked in at $3.17/gallon for regular.


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