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Friday April 4, 08 -- LBT meeting -- a committee to be formed

Friday, April 04, 2008: Quite a few folks went to the Long Beach Township commissioners’ meeting, even though the subject of the toe-of-the-dune was tabled, meaning it was not even going to be talked about. However, there was a load of behind-the-scenes communications between anglers and the commissioners. A committee will soon be formed to address the issue of safety and beach buggy use. As for the proposed two week earlier-than-usual closure of LBT beaches, even that is now back-burnered and will not be implemented this year.

I’d like to suggest an earlier closure traded for a two week early opening for the stretch of beach between Beach Haven and Holgate. At this time, Beach Haven opens a couple weeks earlier than LBT so anglers have to get off the south BH beachfront (at Osborne Avenue) and hit the Boulevard to go down to Holgate. It’s not that safe considering we’re aired down but are faced with a fairly fast acceleration when pulling onto the Boulevard in that area. Anyone who has driven with low-pressure tires can tell you how tough it is to get up to speed – not to mention how hideously tough it is on a vehicle.

As for fishing, the bassing is fairly typical as more and more schoolie bass arrive. There have been a couple just-keeper bass in the mix, I’m told through hearsay. The brighter angling point is coming via what seems to be some very intense winter flounder schools. A couple reports have bayside bites (near Manahawkin Bay) offering a very good number of take-home blackbacks in quick order. Late-day worked for one boater I chatted with.

We are in a fairly tame wind period that will play into all types of spring fishing. I think the weekend crowds will tell a lot.

Here’s an email communiqué:

“Well, if we think closings of our favorite local fishing spots in Holgate are a little unfair to LBI and NJ fisherman, imagine closing a nationally known, top-flight fishing area like Hatteras and the Point in the OBX of North Carolina?

Thought you'd be interested. I'm all for conservation, but with a little perspective and reality mixed in. Not to mention the economic devastation this would cause to the business people and merchants who depend on this year-round fishery.

Here are two sites on the topic sent to me by a fisherman I know on the Outer Banks. One is from a local newspaper covering a 1500 person rally against the closings, the other is a government site explaining their position regarding endangered species:

It seems to cover some facts


here is a government site:


A small rant I go through this time of year:

SORELY MISSED FLOUNDERING HOLE: I bitterly miss the bulkhead winter flounder fishing we used to do at the empty lot just north of Hochstrasser’s marina, bayside Ship Bottom. Through what I consider a deplorable zoning snafu, the developer of that lot somehow steered through statutes that require no net loss of public bayfront access. No one should have been able to build on that bay property without leaving a right-of-way for the public. I was told that state-level mandate was somehow neutralized when the new owner simply promised to build a bulkhead. That makes no sense at all but it’s all water over the dam now – unless someone wants to bring the issue back up for state review. I thought not.
Anyway, old West Creek Charlie and his buddies would park at that site this time of year, casting out their rods to settle in for the entire day, be it on lawn chairs or the front seat of a truck. They often bailed the blackbacks while the rest of us did squat. Other folks would pull in by the loadful. Many of us would cruise by to get a floundering update or just talk story. It was often a family affair there – and one of the funnest fishing holes on all of bayside LBI. While there are still a couple vaguely fishable street ends there, not a soul uses them.
That channel area thereabouts is now a boat anglers target zone. The water just north of the bridge is over of 60 feet deep. I sometimes pull in at a SB street end and binoc the guys fishing out there. It doesn’t take long to see if there’s a bite on. As often as not, there’s a battle on -- as boat folks are easily irked when not much action is a-foot. I like it when they argue over tapping into each other’s chum slicks. Too much caffeine.

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