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Friday March 21, 08-- Wicked-wind clams and smilin' seal

Friday, March 21, 2008: More wind. This batch may be the capper, at least in terms of longevity, blowing for an entire day-plus with 45 mph gusts. One of my writers recently had interviewed the folks at the US Weather Service in Mount Holly and they concurred the winter winds have been memorable in meteorological terms. This latest batch will add to the tally but will be attached to the spring session. What’s more, there may be some serious winds on the horizon based on some approaching storm system. I did what anybody in their right mind would do, I went out clamming in Holgate where the winds were totally wicked, not just hard but intensely cold. The quick coming and going of buggies bearing other potential clammers was testimony to the instant impact of the wind-chill. I did what anyone in his right mind would do, I settled in, hoodie wrapped around my face and raked clams for something like three hours, my eyes tearing so badly during the first half hour I was in a blur, all but groping around for clams when I felt the rake hit them. As my body adjusted, I had a decent day but it is still a major struggle out there and these are the last days before the April 1 closure. The Holgate beachfront is pretty hopeless. Still more erosion and the Osprey Nest about to make the move onto the beach – or rather the beach making the move on the Nest. The more interesting natural part of the day came about when a huge (fat) seal hauled out on a sandbar exposed by the blowout tide. It sure seemed healthy. Stu D. took some photos and sent them to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center to get a read on whether the animal had problems or was just settling in to sun – with its belly full of herring and such. Island tackle shops are anxious to be part of the 2008 Simply Bassin’ tourney. It looks like the majority wants it to go a whoopin’ 8 weeks. This will surely give a huge read on the bass action. I’m OK with that and hope to find a way to keep the leaders in the public eye through some sort of SandPaper-based leaderboard. Hopefully surf fishing folks will get involved with this contest. It’s a great way to recognize the biggest and best bass taken in the suds.

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