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Saturday march 8, 08 -- Gusts and getting ready

Saturday, March 08, 2008: Hale, Daylight Savings Time! Starts tonight – and all the way until next November, first week. This offers outdoor addicts, like me, that enticing chunk of late-day brightness to work beaches and the outback.

What’s with these frickin winds? No, I won’t even jokingly go Global Warming on every twist and gyration of the sky, but today my meteoro-instruments recorded the fourth system in just the past months that threw around winds over 50 mph – mainly with frontal passages, but still that’s a lot of gust.

Even on a stretch, we’re still too be-wintered to think any of this sky-stuff will affect the launch of bass fishing a month or so from now. But, for sake of argument, this entire sky-stir thing could, vaguely/conceivably, get the nearshore water stirred, clam-wise. Never a bad spring set-up for surfcasting bass.

Actually, all striper savvy eyes will be watching the seas for its bunker-holding capacity. As noted in earlier blogs, big bunker are in close and could be plentiful. There is not enough vesseling about out there to get a legit read on why big (real big) bunker keep getting chased onto the beach. I’ve had four fairly knowledgeable oceanists suggest it could be whales forcing bunker to go bonkers. I’ll have to ask Bob Schoelkopf -- who’s apparently part marine mammal, considering how deep his insights are into such creatures.

Truth be told, the exact cause of the bunker strandings are secondary to most anglers, who are getting quietly fired up over the proposition of another spring of bunker pod chasing. Some are even beginning their conditioning for the demands of spring stripering by practicing filling thermoses with an all-day supply of coffee or perfecting a flow of undecipherable pump-side obscenities sure to be needed when filling up boat gas tanks and bladders. I saw a $3.00 regular gas price today. Diesel? Forgetaboutit. Do you remember when one of the early sell-points for diesel-powered vehicles was the fact the price of diesel fuel would be “way below” regular gasoline prices.

Sorry for going dark there but I sure am hearing virtually everyone talk about fuel prices where just short of everyone was talking about it at this timer last year.

There were a number of locals who zipped down to Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland to seek super stripers. No success stories, at least not on 60-pounders. You’d think it would go without saying but fishing is fishing regardless of locale. The super tales that often get media attention are super sessions, i.e. exceptional occurrences. They simply don’t happen on demand – or at the drop of a line during a quick weekend trip.

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