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"What the hell? .. What a weird dream." Monday, August 17, 2015: Hard south winds have taken control and the ocean is responding by getting a tad dirty brown along some beach areas of LBI. The side …

"What the hell? .. What a weird dream."

Monday, August 17, 2015: Hard south winds have taken control and the ocean is responding by getting a tad dirty brown along some beach areas of LBI. The side currents are also honking, south to north. That stir puts a hurt into surfcasting, however, the bayside is workable. Also, the leeward side of the Barnegat Jetty, where the winds will be at your back, are decent for jigging and plugging – but less so for bait fishing, which is always a battle thereabouts. Below: www.airphotona.com

My largest fluke have come off those BL South Jetty rocks, by casting up-current (either incoming or outgoing) and letting a baited jig get dragged along the bottom by the currents. The way you know you’re hooked up is when the drift suddenly stops. You then have to quickly reel in the bow in the line and set the hook. A noticeable downside to this method is the way a fluke can easily swallow the entire offering before you can finally set the hook.

 Jay Bailey caught this fish from the jetty. See www.onthewater.comI had a couple reports of entire school of small (but not tiny) fish spraying out of the water near the inlet. These are way too large for mullet, spearing or bunker; plus, they’re too elongated and blueish. Sounds like some sort of herring or tinker mackerel, as they now have up near Shark River.

I’ll mention right now that it could be a banner year for anyone wanting to chum grass shrimp and panfish in Myers Hole. It done by chumming fairly heavily then dropping a shrimp or two in the chum line, using light gear and a small hook – and maybe adding a split shot. I used go hook-up crazy using a bobber.  

I know I’ve written this in here before but in single Myers Hole session I’ve taken over a dozen different species. Important: You have to go as near as possible to the drop off next to the beach. I work it from the bank. Yes, I chummed that way. Out too far and many of the species are too fearful of larger fish being drawn to the chum.

But don’t think larger fish won’t come in almost flush against the beach. I’ve had total big-fish runoff taking a single grass shrimp. I’ve also landed bass to 30 inches and weakfish to near tiderunner. Some species can fully dominate the bite, namely snapper blues, blowfish, small black seabass, undersized kingfish and micro weakfish. Weirder biters include porgies, tog, sailor’s choice, triggerfish, eels, black drum, red drum, sheepshead, and a few more oddities. 

Below: Scup/porgies

Sailor's choice 

Small sheepshead ... (justgofishin.blogspot.com)

Below: Small black drumfish ... note mouth shape. 

Below: Small weakie. 

Below: Small red rum ... the spot is the giveaway. 

Below: Triggerfish and friends 


Cara Slingerland-Ruth added 2 new photos — with Julie Ruth.

It was a quick trip but worth it. 4 keepers today !
Cara Slingerland-Ruth's photo.
Cara Slingerland-Ruth's photo.


Below: “Burning of the fag” ceremony.  

This is my now-and-again thanks for overlooking the sometimes frequent typos I make in here, as I try to zip out these updates, without skipping a beat within my regular writing load. If given time to reread my writing, I can correct most misprints – and sometimes do in here, at a later date. Of course, there are always the allegedly inappropriate grammatical experimentation I constantly try, including my offering a veritable dictionary of my own wordage. While not quite glorious enough to be called something like Mannisms, I think they often get the idea across better than any known words. Hey, if a typo is egregiously wrong, let me know!

OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN: I once wrote a “burning of the flag” ceremony as a “burning of the fag” ceremony.  

While this typo has gone rampant, I did it up real good  when I once miswrote, “For spirituality and a healthful nonsexist environment, Catholic schools easily have it over pubic schools.” Hairy buncha heathens.

And there was that time a buddy of mine suggested, for Daylight Savings Time, we should all “spring our cocks ahead.” Let’s see, that’s at 2 a.m. on the dot, right? I guess the clocks will just have to wait. For all of you out at a bar just around then …

I could have easily been guilty of the rapid headline that went viral just last month: “Wildfires Shit Down Highway.” At that point, I might have subhead, “And who’s gonna clean up this mess?!”

Since I’m a strict non-meat-eater, I likely wouldn’t have been guilty of this typo:  “Sale on Van Camp’s Porn and Beans.” Quick, pass me the beans while she’s getting into her Naughty Traffic Cop outfit. “Yes, oh yes, officer, I was speeding – and I was also thinking about illegally parking over there in that dark lot! Just sayin.”  

It was during a news exposé, that the immortal words came on screen, “School Is Two Easy for Kids.” Damn, straight. In fact, it might even be three times two easy, making it, uh, eighth times two easy.

Locally, I actually wasn’t all that put off by a single-page “Lunch Special” menu, which openly bragged about “Homemade Crap Dip.”  Hey, their Homemade Crap Cakes happened to be excellent. I know a good thing when I taste it.  

And with all this controversy over the Chinse putting cheap substitutes in their American bound products, like Hoisin sauce, one must pause upon seeing a famed Asian restaurant offering dinners spiced with your choice of “Hot Garlic Sauce, Kung Pau Sauce, Mongolian Sauce, or (a house specialty?) “Human Sauce.” Uh, sir, do you know if that’s GMO human sauce?” At least there’s none of that stinkin’ flavor enhancer, LSD.

While one wouldn’t suspect racism in a book called “The Pasta Bible,” the first 7,000 copies were destroyed by Penguin Books following bad press over a recipe suggesting a sardine and prosciutto dish be spiced with “freshly ground black people.” Hell, even the Auto-Correct Spell program is thinkin,’ Where the hell did you get that from!?” Personally, I’d be just as happy topping it with a good “Dark Human Sauce.”

How about the written introduction, handed out at a ceremonial awards banquet, describing the honoree: “She has a wonderful smile and very genital manner.” Hell, I’m bettin’ she didn’t even need that wonderful smile.  

Then there’s the newspaper obituary in which the family of the dearly-departed began a heaven-bound message with, “Dead Dad, we all miss you very much.” Needless to say, Auto-Correct Spell can sometimes be brutally honest.  

Imagine becoming your school’s top homerun hitter to be listed in a yearbook ad as the top “Homerun Hitler” – coupled with an appreciative sign-off, “Love … Mom, Dad and Kota.” Hey, I’m bettin’ that’s better than a sign-off from The Arian Appreciation League.”

Finally, pity the MSNBC White House reporter who was recently doing a live broadcast from the Oval Office, while next to her, on screen, was the large colorful identifier: “MSNBC, Right Now … Nora O’ Connell, White Ho.” Hey, I give her full credit, she knows there is now more than one way to quickly cut through all that White House security red-tape. 


Recreational Fishing Alliance  
Contact:  Jim Donofrio / 888-564-6732  
For Immediate Release
August 17, 2015    

New Gretna, NJ - After 3-1/2 hours of discussion and debate on August 12th, the Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council (Council) and Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) voted in favor of a 29% reduction in the summer flounder quota for both the commercial and recreational sector starting in 2016.
Regrettably, a motion made by New Jersey Council representative Jeff Kaelin of Cape May that would've lessened the impact of the overall reduction was defeated when 12 members voted in opposition to a measure that would've led to a smaller, 20% overall reduction. Only five voting members supported the motion made by Kaelin, including all of the New Jersey representatives and one North Carolina representative.
"Kaelin's motion, which was consistent with RFA's position, to use the higher threshold Overfishing Limit (OFL) of 18.06 million pounds rather than the lower Acceptable Biological Catch (ABC) number of 16.26 million pounds was a sound, solid compromise, but the system failed the community," said Jim Donofrio, executive director of the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA). "The Council and Commission ignored the fishing community and cost anglers more than a million pounds of fluke next season and up to a month of fishing season."
Donofrio said New York anglers are going to be maddest of all to learn that all voting members from their state opposed the Kaelin amendment.   Full-time Norcross Wildlife Foundation grants administrator John McMurray, along with New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) staffer Jim Gilmore both voted against the less restrictive measure, while fellow New York Council members Tony DiLernia and Laurie Nolan each refrained from voting on the amendment.
"These members just torpedoed the struggling recreational fishing industry, the socioeconomic pain in 2016 is going to be significant," Donofrio said. "It's frustrating to me to see Council members like Mr. McMurray who takes part-time work in the sportfishing industry writing for On the Water magazine, while influencing Congress against the very same industry as a board member for theMarine Fish Conservation Network. For our local fishing community, it's disheartening."
Donofrio said he's been inundated with phone calls from New York anglers and business owners asking why the NYDEC would vote against the less restrictive measure. "We thought Governor Cuomo and his staff was in tune to what's happening in our New York fishing community," Donofrio said, adding "what's really troubling is why Capt. Dilernia didn't step up and vote for the measure. I'm sure if he had really wanted to help the community, he and Councilor Nolan could've improved our chances greatly of getting the lesser cut by helping lead the charge."
The secondary motion for deeper, 29% cutbacks in the 2016 through 2018 seasons was approved by a vote of 17 to 3. The New York City vote last week will reduce the recreational fishing quota to 5.42 million pounds of summer flounder in 2016, significantly down from the 2015 allowance of 7.38 million pounds in the recreational sector. With this 'phased' reduction the 2017 recreational harvest limit will be set at 5.82 million pounds, and is expected to drop again in 2018 to just 5.26 million pounds.
Donofrio said debate and discussion will get especially heated in the coming months as ASMFC representatives and Council members alike begin to learn what these cutbacks will really mean in terms of season, size and bag limits for 2016 and beyond. "We're looking at losing weeks, perhaps even a month of fluke fishing season next year, on a rebuilt fish stock, go figure."
About Recreational Fishing Alliance
The Recreational Fishing Alliance is a national, grassroots political action organization representing recreational fishermen and the recreational fishing industry on marine fisheries issues. 
The RFA Mission is to safeguard the rights of saltwater anglers, protect marine, boat and tackle industry jobs, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our Nation's saltwater fisheries. For more information, call 888-JOIN-RFA or visit 


Harvey Cedars is always the coolest spot in New Jersey!
Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol's photo.

Edward Plaskon Mako steaks on the hoof ... make that, on the hook.  


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Epic weekend report up over at 
Apex Anglers !!!
Apex Anglers's photo.
Apex Anglers's photo.
Apex Anglers's photo.
Apex Anglers's photo.


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