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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Awesome! An IKEA in Germany installed a "Parking Lot for Dogs", So customers don't leave their dogs in hot cars while in …


Awesome! An IKEA in Germany installed a "Parking Lot for Dogs", So customers don't leave their dogs in hot cars while in store.

Monday, July 20, 2015: Ocean has cleaned up nicely, color-wise. Brown has inched into the sand and clean water has replaced it. Yes, the dirty water actually gets pushed ashore and into the sand.

It got up to 94 degrees today. The Pines were pushing 100.

We didn’t get the forecasted west winds today but the south-easterlies didn’t blow all that hard. Lots of folks out fishing. In fact, I’ll do some surf jigging late today, likely mid-Island. I’m inspired by some very fine surfside flatties, including a couple over five pounds. All white jigs are still hot, especially when graced with longer squid strips. A fellow who fishes fluke a lot says he’s surprised that teasers aren’t as popular with the fluke, like they were last summer. That could indicate there is a lot of smaller forage so the fish are going for bigger gulps.

Check out this drone photo of ...

Ship Bottom Party Shoal. 


I came across an old banana and it instantly sparked my imagination. Needless to say, it was a slow day on the imagination front.

My oldening banana had the expected crisscross of fruit flies hovering above it, looking for an opportune place to light amid the already-landed squadrons of brethren fruit flies.

Such typical bugginess induces no imaginings. Fruit flies and fouling fruits go together like dog and gone. They’re no big deal, short of peskiness. In fact, fruit flies are noticeably non disease-carrying, so much so that they’ve been studied in hopes of figuring out how their miniscule bodies have such large immunities.

While that immunity thing does spark a bit of mystery, what sparked my imagination is exactly where these buggers hang out while awaiting the sweet smell of fouling fruits. I’m serious.

Follow me here. If every house on LBI were to place rotten bananas in every homes – even every room in every home --- every browning banana would immediately be alive with fruit flies. Face it, there has to be billions, maybe trillions, of them out there – but where, out there!?

Below: "Hey, let's go over and check out Penny's."

Where in bloody hell do fruit flies hang out when not upon fruit? Might there be places akin to popular fruit fly hangouts, where they sit around sniffing the air, all, “Smell anything yet?”

It’s not like these tiny winged fruit-lappers can travel great distance, especially at the breakneck speed at which they locate fruits. That ability to instantaneously home-in on fruit tells me they’re always very close, as in right now. By the multi-thousands they’re watching and waiting and sniffing, like packs of little nearly unperceivable voyeurs. What stories can they tell? “… Then he puts on this big-ass pink tutu and combat boots and begins dancing on his toes in front of the mirror while lip-synching Adele songs. … He was actually quite good. Extremely gifted.” Hey, fruit flies are known to be very open-minded.    

See what a slow imagination day can get ya. 


Weekend charters were ok, south shore was tough with just a pair of keeper fluke, some nice fish were dropped though. Yesterday my client had two keeper fluke and we split over a dozen stripers to 26". Have an opening this Saturday for a guide trip. More or less the last shot at bay fluke in the next two weeks. Some years they hang on....but don't hold your breath. Booked tomorrow through Friday.

Will accommodate parties of two or more for porgy fishing on the north shore if...

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Elias Vaisberg's photo.


And it begins: When the crowd noticed a white man with a Confederate flag T-shirt ...


Group Of South Carolina Men BEAT UP A Man Carrying the CONFEDERATE FLAG . . . Then TAKE HIS FLAG From Him!!! (South Carolina Is ERUPTING . . . Into A RACE WAR)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REM54O04KXE


Big Eye fresh on deck

Ryan Stanek's photo.


Alex Field's photo.

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Comment by Dave Nederostek on July 20, 2015 at 5:40pm

And look who does the attacking. I saw a huge Confederate flag flying on a porch in Pemberton the other day. Surprised the house is still standing.


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