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Below: Further proof of cucumberaphobia in cats: ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))) Tuesday, July 28, 2015: Well, we knew if we hung around long enough, heat waves would…

Below: Further proof of cucumberaphobia in cats:


Tuesday, July 28, 2015: Well, we knew if we hung around long enough, heat waves would have their ways with us. Here they come.

For the next numerous days, the mainland – especially the areas I frequent in the deep Pines – will sorely swelter. I see sand temps in, say, Chatsworth topping out at 130 degrees.

You read right. Air temps are a shoulder-level thing. But, since I’ve gotten laser thermometers, I’ve been stunned at how hideously hot the ground gets. By close comparison, the hoods of vehicles sitting in the sun easily reach over 125, even on the Island.

Black items like tires: 

Hug a watermain break: 

Speaking of LBI, we should be soundly on the onshore side of the south winds for the next five days of the heat wave, which requires three days in a row of 90 degrees or more. Might we see a double-heat wave, or six day, heatwave? Possibly.


Boat fishing might get iffy as south winds kick in throughout the afternoon -- for days on end. Mornings could work on beach and from boat. I'll be trying the New South Jetty and over at the Dike. 

I saw a photo of weakfish being caught but I don't know where that was taken. I'll likely find out of any are in Myers Hole. 


Anyone recall when I wrote about all the dead spider crabs washing up on The Dike, LBT? Here's a new release from just up north. 

Dead crabs wash ashore in Port Monmouth

Thousands of dead crabs have washed ashore at

Thousands of dead crabs have washed ashore at the Bayshore Waterfront Park in Port Monmouth. (July 28, 2015 7:27 PM)

Visitors to the park say the crabs were found all along the coastline, as well as in the water, and that the smell from the crabs baking in the hot sun was unbearable.

"When we were trying to go swimming, they'd come up and hit your legs," says visitor Brooke Zimmerman....


ercial fisherman, 100 NM West of Les Sables d’Olonne, France. 
When it was landed in that port the fish weighed 156.5 Lbs. 

It is over 2,800 NM from point of tagging to point of recapture!
American Littoral Society Fish Tagging Program's photo.

I’ll be checking with my buddies, the Lees, of Lee Brothers Farm in Burlington County (Speedwell/Chatsworth).  The upcoming heat can present catastrophic problems, now that the vines’ berries are already showing. Yes, cranberries are vines.

Not that the Lees will have to necessarily leave their LBI homes to check on upcoming bog conditions. By adding real-time sensors to their automated irrigation systems, the Lees can use their home computers to check on the bogs. If needed, they can activate the systems’ pumps, allowing irrigation water to cool down the vines in the summer -- or warm the vines on cold fall pre-harvest night. Computerized bogs … quite cool, literally.  

Cure for overly cold cranberries: 

From what I’ve seen, cranberry farmers would rather fend off frost than face off against prolonged heat. Again, the next five or six days will tax the cranberry system.  

Did you know that cranberries, blueberries and concord grapes are the only native fruits grown commercially in the United States?


While NJ can challenge any state with its combined harvest of blueberries and cranberries, there is misinformation that we lead the nation in cranberry production. Here’s the breakdown of the leading cranberry states as of 2014. Numbers are in barrels (100 pounds per barrel):

Massachusetts: 2,065,000

New Jersey: 558,000

Oregon: 395,000

Washington: 162,000

Wisconsin: 5,385,000

Below: Tell me this bog in Wisconsin isn't the spittin' image of NJ bogs. 



Joseph P Gahrmann 

Headed back to the grounds looking for a jumbo bluefin .. Little breezy and hardly any life around .. Fish were deep , I pushed a little further off and big rat yellows with some nice 30-40 pound keepers .. Long day but nice to see the yellows . Late in day had 3 solid knock down over great marks .. No love .... Release the rat yellows and boxed 3 to 40 lbs
Joseph P Gahrmann's photo.
Joseph P Gahrmann's photo.

Daniel DiPasquale 

Awesome night with these little guys
Daniel DiPasquale's photo.
Daniel DiPasquale's photo.
Daniel DiPasquale's photo.

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Comment by Dave Nederostek on July 29, 2015 at 6:06pm

Last year I had some time, I ventured off 72 onto one of these mysterious roads. I drove slowly, about a mile and a half. Up ahead was some type of clearing. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon a beautiful horse farm. No idea it was there. I've often thought the easy drive through the forests is as interesting as the coast. And the honor fruit and vegetable stands solves the hunger issue.


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