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Wednesday, December 24, 2014: T’was the night before … blah, blah, blah. The days of nothing stirring on Christmas eve are gone, sucked into the perpetual whirlwind of spinning madly around on Chris…

Wednesday, December 24, 2014: T’was the night before … blah, blah, blah.

The days of nothing stirring on Christmas eve are gone, sucked into the perpetual whirlwind of spinning madly around on Christmas eve. Hell, even the mice are manically trying to ready the final touches for the big day.

Below: An anti-bullying aspect of Christmas. 

I’m a Christmas enjoyer to the hilt, but I have to admit it is far-and-away has become the most stress-laden and intimidating days of the year. The “I hope he/she likes it” syndrome can border on debilitating. Hell, folks now even worry about whether or not the kids will like their gifts.

Christmas gift-giving become a competitive sport. In that vein, it’s a sport where a tie score is the perfect ending.

At the same time, a tie, as a gift, is a sign of utter submission -- though I once got this totally cool tie with brightly painted tropical fishes on it and a big-ass octopus and a seahorse on the fat part at the bottom. That tie actually rocked, but, in general, if your “big gift” to someone is a tie, it damn well better have some insanely hot graphics – or be equipped with covert video camera … now a tie-cam would be a quite-cool tie.

That said, the overall feel of the Christmas season is still cosmically cool –and, when it’s finally over, thank goodness it’s 364 days until the next one

Which brings me to a place that always rocks on Christmas Eve: church. Get there or be square. And I fully accept and understand if you’re one of those who only hit the pews on Christmas and, occasionally, Easter (my favorite holiday). It’s always good to see you and the family, whichever church you go to. Hey, if the kids are hesitant about attending services, tell them can open one gift tonight if they church it. It got me up and gong back in the day.


As to fishing and stuff, the sky is offering no gifts whatsoever.  While the rain will slack off a bit later in the day – it’s coming down one good at midday -- it’ll remain drippy, via fog and mist. Increasingly hard south to south west winds will honk to near gale, though they’ll also blow away the heavier rains.

I drove the beach for a goodly distance today and the waves are not only down from yesterday but they made very little advance across the beaches at high tide. That lack of ocean push into the bay will surely keep any road flooding down to a bare minimum -- which is still enough to cover some Boulevard right-hand lanes.

Air temps will be mighty mild for days to come, as a prelude to next week’s dip in the Jet Stream, bringing the mercury crashing down upon us. By New Year ’s Eve, we’ll be lucky to get above freezing. However, look for yet another upward turn in temps the following week, as the winter’s weathery ping-ponging goes on. As only I predicted, it’s going to be a temperature rollercoaster ride this winter. For me, the jury is still out of the snow thing. While I see almost all rain, should a cold snap align with a big, wet Southern low, we could see snowy hell break loose.

I’ll be getting to some unanswered e-questions from  this fall.

“Are the minks still in the Barnegat Light jetty?”

No … and I’m suspicious. The pair survived Sandy but suddenly went missing sometime thereafter. I fear they might have unknowingly been denning in a prime birding/conservation area and just might have been removed – oh, so quietly – by authorities. I don’t think they would have been destroyed, merely relocated.  And that’s just my theory, though I often have some decent backing for such theories. 


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Comment by Dave Nederostek on December 24, 2014 at 10:14pm

Nice sentiments, along with the usual humour. Don't forget the vast array of vintage Christmas music. I never tire of it. Problem is, you never hear it on radio anymore. Well, that's why there's vinyl.


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