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  (Above: Holgate calm, as it should be ...)  Monday, October 06, 2014: Had an off day yesterday. No mullet but a solid showing of numbnuts.  If you have any interest in maintaining your right t…


(Above: Holgate calm, as it should be ...) 

Monday, October 06, 2014: Had an off day yesterday. No mullet but a solid showing of numbnuts. 

If you have any interest in maintaining your right to use LBI’s beaches for buggying, you might want to watch this video. It’s a vision in beach buggying abuse. 


After recording the incident, I met up with the three kids in the truck at the Holgate parking lot but they were pretty much offering nonsense, BS’ing that they had a permit and were only going 20 mph. 

I has tempted to call the cops but didn’t because they might be locals, who I’d rather educate that get incarcerated. 

Via our not-overly-unfriendly conversation with them, they had absolutely no remorse. They also didn’t seem to get the message that should I again see that deadly driving nonsense on any LBI beaches, I won’t be so nice. 

Remember, they were driving like this on a super crowded Chowderfest Sunday. The driver could not have known if anyone way up ahead laying out of sight, as they drove at what I know was near 50 mph. No radar needed, just decades of experience. 

In the end, my knock-it-off warnings just got mindless sass – possibly fueled by some sort of attitude enhancers. 

I’ve since been told by a few folks that this driver might be making a local name for himself, though I sure as hell don’t want folks simply going after any similar-looking vehicles – though this truck is mighty distinct.  

I got the expected mindless BS when I put this video on Facebook, but this comment takes the numbnuts case. It’s posted by Brian Auten:

“Hey Jay... where's your laser/radar? You seem so set on how fast he's going. Two things. 1: it's none of your business. 2: that's what those trucks are made for. It could do it safely at 70.
“You remind me of safety patrol walking the halls of an elementary school blowing their whistle because you're running in the hall.”

 But a comment that gives me the biggest chuckle is from Scott Panzano who wrote: “Jay mann should probably get a job.” 

(Scott, you likely don’t want to know what my job has been for the last 35 years, namely, a journalist and, for the last 20 years, the managing editor of Long Beach Island’s only newspaper. That means I have the ways and means to report and publicize what I see. And I don’t miss much hereabouts.)


Back to the fishing realm, we’re in the first day of the Classic and I’ll be watching for that first-day $500 striper weigh-in. There have been very few keeper bass coming out of the surf locally but just to our north it has picked up nicely, as close as IBSP. Also, we have a burst of south wind arriving (after a decent west blow) which can sometimes spark a fall bite – though that south wind effect usually happens a lot later in fall. 

Fresh bait, as usual, will be the name of the fall fishing game. After our extended bout with north winds, we’re in a far more fallish pattern of cold front passages and west winds. This should allow bunker netters to regularly get out and catch us  bait. Always a sincere thanks to the commercial guys for helping us out. I’ll try to keep track of what baits are working and available for the Classic. 

The mullet run appears to be kaput. It was poor -- and then some. There is always the chance that some stray schools might show in weeks to come, usually driven in by blues. 

Fished through the Eagles game, got my keeper 

Fished through the Eagles game, got my keeper #whitechin #tautog #olbarney #njfishing #fall #nofilter


Remember: LBI Surf Fishing Seminar

 Saturday, October 11, 2014 from 9 AM to 1 PM

LBI Surf Fishing Seminar  RSVP - Call the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce at 609-494-7211.

Want to learn more about the basics and finer point of surf fishing? Meet 9:00 a.m. at the Chamber of Commerce on 9th Street in Ship Bottom for door prizes, coffee and bagels. Then at about 9:45 am we move over to the Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Co. No.1 Station on 21st Street and Central Ave in Ship Bottom for the Surf Fishing Seminar. There Team Mullet, a long time local fishing club, will share their knowledge. Topics such as surf fishing equipment, surf casting techniques, bait, rigs, knots and driving a 4x4 vehicle on the beach will be presented as well as much more. Then (weather and beach conditions permitting) the seminar will move to the 9th Street Beach in Ship Bottom for hands-on instruction. You may want to bring a folding chair for your comfort on the beach.

There’s a prize drawing at the end of the Fire House segment of the seminar. You must be present to win.

Pre-registration is required for this free seminar. To register call the Chamber of Commerce, 609 494-7211 or 800 292-6372. 

Thank you to everyone who made the 2013 Seminar a success:

- Crust & Crumb Bakery for the donuts
- Bagel Shack for the bagels
- The Surf City Anglers - Instructors: Dave Bonanni, Keith and John Weidenhof, Matt Gogojewicz
- Ship Bottom Fire Company for the Fire Hall
- And all of the helpers


Thank you to our 2013 "Goody Bag" sponsors:

American Fishing Wire & Hi Seas
Fisherman's Headquarters
TD Bank, Beach Haven
Jingles' Bait & Tackle
Surf City Bait & Tackle
Active Imprints
The SandPaper
Fulton Bank
The Fisherman Magazine


Chatting with my cranberry bogs family, Friday night saw low temsp to 27 degrees. That means that any warm weather to come -- and some is on the way -- officially qualifies as Indian Summer.

Unbeknownst to many, a true Indian Summer is not simply warm weather hangin' on from summer. That's just, well, a long-ass summer. Once it dips below 32 degrees, just one time, any warmth above 70 gets the Indian Summer moniker. Tomorrow and Wednesday could get well into the 70s. However, on LBI we haven't been close to freezing yet -- and won't for the foreseeable future, so we'll just have a vicarious Indian Summer, thanks to nearby bogs. 

Below: http://www.pineypower.com/cranberry_harvest.htm


I have another fairly unappealing thing to put forth: my once-a-year donation drive. I can assure it takes time, effort, and sundry costs to keep this seemingly minor website up and running. All donations are appreciated but NEVER expected.

To help out this website, you can go to the top right side of this page and click on the blue "Donate" tab ... This goes to a PayPal account.  Otherwise, send donations to Jay Mann, 222 18th Street, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008.

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