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Saturday January 19, 08 -- Marinas anger a webster

Saturday, January 19, 2008:

An involved email from a site regular:

HI Jay,

I haven't seen any reference to it in your blogs (maybe I missed it), but I'm sure you are aware of the recent proposed DEP regs to require public access to the bay -- 24 hrs/day -- at all marinas. On the surface, it sounds great, but please read today's AC Press article on the front page of the Local section.

One person in the article compares the DEP's increasing steam-rolling of local and personal property rights to the Nazi round-up of various groups of people: Other groups often looked the other way at the time because they were NOT targeted and didn't want to draw attention; but then when THEY finally were targeted, there was no one else left around to help them. Not as extreme a comparison as some might think.

For those who thought (and still think) the CAFRA regulations are overzealous, and who felt the DEP's beach replenishment documents were overly one-sided, this is an even clearer example of the NJ DEP's Gestapo tactics. (Hey, you are an expert on the whole Holgate access situation, right? Any similar chords there?)

I'm not a marina owner, but I am a property owner on LBI and a small business person. And a fisherman. I also consider myself a conservationist and someone who cares about our environment. What I don't understand is that the DEP wants ocean access every 1/4 mile, yet on the bay most of LBI has water access ever block -- at the paved street ends. So why bother marinas??

Most marinas aren't making big money these days. Running ANY small business in NJ is tough enough with the tax situation, the insurance costs, and all the other regs out of Trenton loaded onto the back of the little guy trying to operate a business here. (Heck, just LIVING in NJ is tough enough for the same reasons!)

Forcing a marina to provide 24 hr, 7 day/wk access to the water is not only expensive ot the owner (risk of liability, insurance, loss of use of the public access property, etc) and potentially disruptive to neighbors and boat owners in slips ("let's party down by the water!"), it is also dangerous to that public: we both know the physical condition of a lot of marinas is not up to normal public safety standards. That will be the next requirement, I'm sure -- more expense to the owner...who by the way will have no choice but to pass these costs on to customers.

If people don't start to make a stand and get these Trenton beauracrats reined in, they will continue and get worse. In that same article, the DEP rep seems to be proud that they are being so aggressive in using their power, and basically says they will continue to be.

Unfortunately, it seems no one really has oversight on them. Since they control the permit process on the waterfront at the shore (maybe it will also be the non-waterfront soon!), they have us by the b***s. They know it, they like it, and they are going to continue to squeeze...because they CAN. Unless they are reined in.

I won't pretend to be an expert on this whole topic, and shame on me for missing yesterday's public meeting on the marina regs. But this is way over the edge. And it is more than just this set of regs. Maybe it's time for all the NJ shore communities to consider banding together to protect their local interests and ensure some "reasonable-ness" to protecting our beaches and bays. Maybe they should join together formally in a lawsuit (some of that is starting), or at least as a joint lobby or as an association (like a merchants' association).

If you are interested, I will be getting some more info on this from a local marina owner in the next few days -- will be happy to pass it on to you or to one of your reporters.

In the meantime, I hope you'll get some press about this out there on your blog for all the sports people who read it. At this point, I think we have to send letters and make calls on the marina regs. Or we can just wait until their cross-hairs inevitably target us more directly.



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Comment by ronk654 on January 20, 2008 at 9:08am
How will you be able to maintain the security of the boats in any marina if such access is granted? Why limit it to marinas?
To those of us in BHW, is it so remote an idea that in the future some group might come down from the city to go play in your backyard because of their right to the water in your lagoon?
Its all politics.The folks in Trenton and DC could care less about how hard you worked or how much you sacrificed and risked to get to where you are. All they want are the votes to get reelected. Its a numbers game. There are more people in NJ who don't have property on the island or on the water so throw them a bone and collect their votes.By the way, someone has to explain why a person would take a crap salary job like mayor or whatever and fight so hard to stay in office. Must be some pretty big perks.

We are under attack. Jay's column is starting to look like a legal column with all that's happening.
Politicians see us as a weak group that can be abused. They can cater to the noisy bunch, they're afraid of groups like PETA who are arrogant and think of the rest of the world as stupid because we disagree with them.
The commercial fishermen have their own agenda which lately has been in conflict because of the reef issue.
Lots of retail businesses need to support us. Sure,we buy their boats and bait and pay to have our bottoms scraped but we also spend money on food, fuel, pay taxes, etc.
The bureaucrats who establish our fishing regs are probably passing limits based on pressure from other groups. There is also a lot to be said for creating busy work to make sure their benefit laden government jobs will continue.
We ALL need to be active. E-mails need to be sent, phone calls made. People who are making these decisions need to know that we are here. They are public servants, we are part of the public.


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