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   Sunday, October 06, 2013: I really don’t know what was worse, the west winds blowing in millions of black flies last week or today’s chowder winds blowing in millions of post-season tourists -- th…


Sunday, October 06, 2013: I really don’t know what was worse, the west winds blowing in millions of black flies last week or today’s chowder winds blowing in millions of post-season tourists -- the most uppity kind known.

I’m just riled since the tourists won the day, hands down. There wasn’t a prayer of my safely or peacefully driving the beach to look for bait or fishing. There were sections of LBI that had beaches crowded to summer levels. It’s mindboggling how many folks come here to slurp chowder and, apparently, extend the party onto the beaches. It’s a good thing overall.

By tomorrow, things should change like nobody’s business -- since it’s business that has spurred the Island through this fairly amazing post-summer burst. If there’s nobody’s business, things might quiet quite a bit, though by the looks of the construction types which have settled in for the very long haul, the winter will be much livelier than prior to Sandy. There’s a whole lotta poundin’ goin’ on. In fact, I’m stunned by the number of house demolitions now taking place, seemingly way more than last spring.  I guess many folks piecemealed it just to get through summer. Now, those postponed changes need to be launched.  My Ship Bottom block is rockin’ to the tear-down shuffle, which has a distinct beat – and crunch.

If you need a spot of angling encouragement, areas to our north (NY up toward Mass.) are showing stellar blitzes of bass and blues.

The mullet run seems done – and it sucked. Enough said – settled for frozen. I can’t help ya. 



Contact:  Jim Hutchinson, Jr. / 888-564-6732 

For Immediate Release

October 3, 2013



RFA Working With Tourney Organizers On "Rockin" 2013 Event


October 3, 2013 - Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) members in the tri-state area may want to think about putting their 'sick day' plans in place now for Monday, October 7 and Wednesday, October 16.


The 59th Annual Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic is set to begin on Monday, October 7th - the long-running surfcasters only event kicks off 5 days earlier this year, coinciding with a special 'sold out' benefit concert at the Sea Shell Resort the prior night featuring acclaimed rocker Mickey "Dean Ween" Melchiondo, along with the Billy Walton Band and others.


The 2013 "LBI Classic" runs all the way through Sunday, December 1, and registration in the event includes a commemorative pin, along with a 2013 LBI Surf Fishing Classic hat and decal (while supplies last) and a free slice of Panzone's pizza.


As a special memorial prize to the late Frank Panzone, a $1,000 cash prize is being offered to the registered "LBI Classic" angler who enters biggest striped bass of the day on Wednesday, October 16th -Frank's birthday! Though daily prizes will be awarded for entire 56-day tournament, the $1,000 cash prize for biggest striper caught and weighed in on October 16 is sure to create a mad rush to the beach during week two.


The eight-week tournament boasts thousands of dollars in other daily, weekly and grand prizes, with $1,000 cash to the angler who beaches the largest striped bass of the contest and $1,000 for the top bluefish. There are eight $125 weekly cash prizes for each species, along with $400 prizes for each of three tournament segments, not to mention various daily prizes. There are various juvenile prizes (14 and under), ladies' prizes, seniors' prizes, along with special daily door prizes just for entering the tournament.


RFA managing director Jim Hutchinson, Jr. is on the LBI Surf Fishing Classic organizing committee and said what was started in 1954 as 'The Derby' to build camaraderie amongst local surfcasters has also helped to extend the Jersey Shore tourism season. "Superstorm Sandy did some heavy damage in LBI in 2012, but this tournament provides a great opportunity for anglers to respond, getting back to the beach for the fall run and supporting the local community."


"The classic has been our family's passion for the fall run since the early 1960's when my grandfather first tossed his hat in the ring and signed up," said fellow LBI Surf Fishing Classic committee member Greg O'Connell, a representative of both RFA-NJ chapter and the Merchantville Fishing Club. "In 2013 I'm sure he's looking down proud that three generations of O'Connell's are looking forward to hitting the sand and carrying on the tradition he started, a tradition that many other families, both local and non-local, share in as well."


The adult tournament entry remains just $30, but as a special incentive to getting more of the local youth involved in fishing, the Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic committee voted to reduce the price for kids 17 and under to just $15. "RFA members and their families have good chances to win during the eight-week tournament, and if you combine it with a $20 Beach N Boat entry too you could really qualify for a big payday with the right fish," Hutchinson said. 


The season-long Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament runs through November 30, and tournament entries in both contests is allowed. Currently, the top five stripers on the Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament are in the 40- to 46-pound range for stripers, and from 15 to 19 pounds for bluefish.


Tournament registration and weigh-in for both the LBI Surf Fishing Classic and the Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament can be done at Surf City Bait & Tackle in Surf City, Fisherman's Headquarters in Ship Bottom, Captain's Quarters Bait and Tackle in Brighton Beach, and Jingle's Bait and Tackle in Beach Haven.


Title sponsors of the 59th Annual Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic also include AFW/Hi-Seas fishing line and The Fisherman Magazine.


For more information, go to www.lbift.com or www.beachnboat.com.




  • All you wanted. Ended up landing 17 golden tilefish, 3 big yellowfins and 21 longfins.
    All you wanted. Ended up landing 17 golden tilefish, 3 big yellowfins and 21 longfins.

    • YOU KNOW WHAT.............................. I NEED TO BE ON THE BEACH EVERY DAY!!!!

      Have to breath that air... going to make a perfume for women that smells like the smell...scent... i get when i am out there..it totally is something that makes my heart do a move or two... any women that wants to attract a man that loves the ocean or outdoors will be attacked by this type of MAN!!! anyone know how to make it???? LOL

      OK SERIOUS NOW..... Last night FIREWORKS.. like I have not seen in a long time.. sites that brought back the hippie ..Acid time zone... the Ocean was alive with sites, visions... for the observant and even for the not so...
      Dam it was strange to see what looked like a giant light streak coming after your fly or plug... set the hook and the Ocean would erupt like a big fire work exploded.. BUT IT Wasn't EASY... I can usually catch them right up in fire... Last night you got them excited but the huge swirl away at the wash... was telling me Mrs Bass was saying.. DUDE YOU CAN'T FOOL ME TONIGHT!!!

      So after last night and the coverage I did.. from one inlet to the other and even a run to cape Cod bay... all the same.. toytal of 5 fish .. could have been 50 if that stuff dullled out.. 

      I take a ride to see what iit is like this morning.. TUNA GUYS LISTERN UP... don't know for sure BUT.. i tell ya what.. in between Nauset Inlet and the cut in Chatham the past two days there is a good number of those pretty boats.. towing around about 3-5 miles off the beach.. alittle snotty out there today and still a good number of Tuna Heads....

      No bird action on the 2 hours into incoming but i nsaw a few nice slicks and by going for ity was awarded with 7 Bass and one cut off... all in 1 and a half hours... 
      Here are a couple or 3 photos of what ity was like this morning.. a hurt +
      gull foot, my pal for a dance or two.. a rack line full of all kinds of nourishment... and a couple Bass portraits... heading out for a swim now.. catch you all later.. some of you may know what the swim thing will be... who said i'm a wedding crasher...?

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