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August 18, 13 .... Weather has taken a spill after a run of near idealness for almost an entire week. The drips and northeast winds shouldn't linger long. It'll go around to the northwest quickly, l…

August 18, 13 ....

Weather has taken a spill after a run of near idealness for almost an entire week. The drips and northeast winds shouldn't linger long. It'll go around to the northwest quickly, likely inviting in some hot-ish air for much of the week. This week should be decent to good for fishing, boat and beach. Fluking remains good on the catching front and exceptional on the doormat side of things. By the by, I'm gracious with using the "doormat" term. I believe anything over five pounds in close enough. 

LITTLEST BUGGY UPDATE: Yesterday, had another chat with Army Corps about the finalizing of the beachfronts of HC, SC and BB. Crossovers, dune fencing, beach buggy access point are being finished in HC and BB. Surf City will be last. That work will likely come to an end right about time buggying season begins. I'll stay on it but must still use the word "iffy" on virtually all buggying fronts, while keeping an eye toward optimism, i.e. openings close to usual fall schedules. Please do not bug the towns -- yet. Hopefully we won't have to. And we could all use a peaceful, quiet, fishful fall. By the by, huge stretches of LBI beachfront look ideal for driving. It's easy to forget that even 20 years back, we had skinny sections of beach that required driving off and then getting back on beyond the erosion areas. Overall, it's better now than then. 

How about this decent sized barracuda photographed off the BL jetty? I've taken loads of tiny barracudas during my professional seining days. Collectors wanted them for their aquariums -- until it ended up being the only thing left in said aquarium.

And, yes, I did damn well netting and transporting locally caught "tropicals," mainly caught in bayside Barnegat Light, There was/is a huge market for all our sometimes plentiful baby butterfly fish. The main buyers were up Camden County way. Even newbies to saltwater aquariums could keep NJ butterfly fish alive since they were so toughened up from being hatched here, as opposed to the usual tropics-caught butterfly fish, which were wimps outside their cozy environments.  I retired from that business when gas prices took off and my time got assigned elsewhere. There are still years where butterfly fish can be seined around here by the dozens. 


hey jay. hope all is well. the water finally cleared up and the diving has been eventful if nothing else. wanted to give you an update of what has been going on in the inlet. so much life its crazy. good size tog, trigger, fluke, sheepshead, blues, cunner, scup? (i think) lots of bait i can't identify, and of coarse.... bass.... which is kind of why I am writing you. today the bass were holed up doing their best tog impression. i have never seen anything like it. they are usually on the move and hanging in the current. today they were chilling in the rocks (until spooked) on both jetties. wild! whats your take?

( Brian, That tog-like behavior by stripers is 100 percent defensive. I absolutely guarantee there were big sharks in the rocky hood.In the early 1980s, we were surfing Bergen in HC and a group of us were running back to paddle out at the jetty when this head of a 40-pound striper washed in -- with it's gills still moving!!!! I frickin' kid you not. There's even a photo somewhere of it being held up. It obviously didn't find the rocks in time. J.M.)


Possible note of interest to you. Speared a bass in the inlet yesterday. He had braided line coming out of his anus. I cleaned him up and he had an 8/0 hook in his intestines. The hook was degrading as if it ha been there for a while.  However, he was full of adult bunker and actively feeding in the rip. hardy fish they are....



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