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Wed. January 16, 08 -- More Holgate static; many items below

Wednesday, January 16, 2008:

An odd day with west winds and some serious snow showers, especially just north of LBI.

I had lots to write about today but most of it had been previously brought up in here. I’ll still get the weekly column in here tomorrow.

I did get some disturbing news that the current taxpayer group of Holgate, formerly Taxpayers of Beach Haven Inlet, are focusing on beach buggies as one of the causes of the worsening erosion at the entrance to Holgate beach. It’s that old claim that the vehicle wheels are collapsing the sands higher up on the beach -- where we first go on. This is, of course, total nonsense. The erosion is so severe that the most vehicles are doing is leaving some tracks on already eroded sand. What’s more, it’s due to the mobile fishermen that much of the repair work is being done thereabouts.

I haven’t talked to this new head of the Holgate taxpayers but if it’s true that he’s fingering mobile fishermen as seriously contributing to the erosion, he’s due for a crash course in what is really happening, erosion-wise, on the south end -- where thousands of cubic yards of sand are being eroded during every passing storm whereas vehicles shift – not erode – a few square feet, tops. If Holgate taxpayers have any hope of stopping the slow disappearance of the far south end, they better team up with the mobile fishermen to achieve power in numbers.

Here’s a blog by Joe H.:

Hey Jay, Just wanted to respond about the video with the Carolina commercial fisherman. I just got back from there as you know and I've seen that technique done a few times. I didn't see anything that extreme. Most fish in the nets were puppy drum and flounder along with the usual trash fish. The fisherman did release the illegal sized drum with care. I've griped in the past about the Oregon Inlet fleet and the fish that they kill----everything. After talking with a few captains down there, they seem to have gotten a little better in the last three seasons. I talked with one guide who releases just about every single bass he catches. He had the understanding that if those big bass weren't around to catch in the future, his 400-800$ a day business would be a memory. And those inshore guys were booked for weeks on end!
He actually mentioned that some guys down there want to see the stripers have a size limit like the red drum do---a slot sized keeper at 18-27". It really saves the breeders.
That video shows a striper slaughter---no two ways about it. But the season for this type of fishing is just a few days. Is the video stomach turning, well yes, considering I'm a rec fisherman and stripers are the mecca of what I love to do most. Commercial fisherman have to make a living too---hopefully responsibly.
Now for the truly disturbing. Everyone knows striped bass head south to the
Carolinas for the winter. But in some cases due to warmer weather (this year) the bass never go much further then the VA/NC border. Well as I was down on the Banks over the Holidays the weather was quite warm 60's to low 70's. As I found out later, the bass were still in the VA Beach area. I did manage a 21lb bass out of the Avon surf and lost one about 30lbs. I kept one fish for New Years dinner for my family and I felt guilty about keeping ONE.
When I get home I check www.virginabeachfishing.com to check on how good the bassing was there. I envite everyone to check out the dead bass photos on this site from the end of Dec. till now. I think in my opinion it is ten times worse then the youtube video. Click on fishing reports and be ready to be shocked at the irresponsibility of rec anglers and the charter industry there. Those guys will never get a cent of my money. The amount and size of the fish kept is ridiculous. Guys had limits of 18 bass that were 25-50lb fish with a few in the 60's.
Our technology today with tackle, boats, electronics, and just plain better technique will wipe these fisheries (giant bluefin,stripers, swordfish) off the map AGAIN if something isn't done.
Okay I'm done for now,
Joe H

This very interesting book is about to be published:

News Release: 1/14/08

Published Book on Saltwater Fishing

"The Striped Bass 60 + Pound Club" by Tony Checko (Checkowski)

Publisher: IUniverse

Abstract: Rare true stories from men and women who fought and caught giant Striped Bass. Also Striped Bass vision, info, geographical data, problems, controversy and more.




Here's another overfishing nightmare I think you'd be interested in reading about. That striped bass video from N.C. was brutal. Jay E: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/15/world/europe/15fish.html?hp

News Note:



SHIRLEY, NY – On January 5 at the New York Boat Show, New Jersey fisherman and Fisherman magazine subscriber Robert Glynn was announced as the Dream Boat Fishing Challenge award winner for the 2007 season. Glynn’s name was drawn at random from a field of 77 skilled anglers who entered qualifying fish into the contest presented by The Fisherman.

Glynn’s prize package includes a new Triton 225CC with Mercury 225 Optimax, a complete onboard electronics package from Lowrance, a pair of Penn outfits featuring the new Penn Torque reel, Costa Del Mar sunglasses, a $1,000 gift certificate to Boater’s World and a custom fish mount from Global Fish Mounts.

The Old Bridge, NJ resident and long-time subscriber to The Fisherman caught a 14-pound summer flounder (or fluke) on the Raritan Bay on July 28, 2007 and had his catch officially confirmed on a certified scale at Michael’s Bait and Tackle in Staten Island. The fifth largest fluke entered in this year’s contest, Glynn’s trophy earned him a total of five entries overall when the Dream Boat Fishing Challenge came to a close at the end of November.

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Comment by S. Chase on January 16, 2008 at 8:16pm
Hi Jay,

The www.virginabeachfishing.com Web Site does not work for me. Not a valid Web Site address.

Good Fishing,
S. Chase
Comment by Nick Handley on January 16, 2008 at 10:08pm
S. Chase, try this site...


Try the fishing reports link on the left.
Comment by S. Chase on January 17, 2008 at 11:35am

Thanks for the info. They sure don't believe in taking just a few stripers in Virginia, do they!

S. Chase
Comment by Nick Handley on January 17, 2008 at 3:44pm
Doesn't look that way. Early in January of this year, I spent the night in Virginia Beach on my way home from the Outer Banks. You wouldn't believe all the boats fishing stripers down there. Big time fishing pressure. Hope some of those fisherman had conservation on the mind.


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