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Friday Jan. 11, 08 -- Hide your eyes during this video; rock and rumble out there

Friday, January 11, 2008:

ALERT: Thanks to the many of you who sent me this YouTube horror clip. I warn you – in all seriousness – do not watch if you have a delicate stomach::: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAbhE-tqNNc.

Please go out of your way to view this. I had written about this in the past and had many people who refused to believe this goes on.

I am not totally sure this is as recent as the date on the screen, though.

Speaking of North Carolina. I was talking to a transplant from LBI now living on the Banks and he said the bassing is super. His dad had told him how bad it was up here and he doesn’t get it, based on what he is seeing down there. The possibility that the stripers hung north of us very late then bolted straight away to the south seems quite possible, though that begs the question of why we didn’t even hear much from the resident fish. Could this whole subtle climate change thing be drawing our winter-residing bass a bit further south or even holding them just north? It is, of course, folly to try to make a read based on just a striper season or two. As I often note, should we have an outstanding striper year in 2008, all will be forgiven and these theories will be forgotten. I do believe that, more than ever, a springtime “Simply Bassin’” tourney would be a fine and very indicative event to run. It will also give many of us a chance to get the first better bass of 2007 – better late than never-ish. Margaret O Brien, despite her recent tragic loss, has already said she wants to run the event again. If even a few of you indicate it would be worthwhile, I’ll climb aboard and handle the leader board.


Boy, big we get the rafters rocked this morning.

A fairly lengthy thunderstorm has more than a few folks sleep-deprived at work today. The rumbles began before light and escalated to full-blow in-coming detonations by daybreak. Here in Ship Bottom the last major strike of the storm seemed to land in my neighborhood – followed by the sound of fire truck sirens a short time later. While it wasn’t a bolt a second event by any stretch, each bolt seemed distinct, as much for its noise as its weird wintertime appearance.

If you were in the midst of the storm cell and thought the thunder sounded louder than you’d ever heard before, you’re likely right. Thunder in cool 40-degree air is far louder and more distinct. In fact, lying there taking it all in, I could hear thunder sounds like hissing and crackles and weird rumbles never heard in hot summer air, when the mugginess tends to muffle the rumbling.

Needless to say, it’s already been a very odd winter, weather-wise. And we’re only a few weeks into it. Last weekend we had lows approaching single digits and by early week there were highs in the county topping 70 degrees.

(Typo notes: I have to point out that one of the reasons I can offer very involved daily updates is I zip things out very quickly. I seldom have time to fine-tooth-comb this blog so numerous typos and even small errors slip in. If you read my weekly column for The SandPaper – where I often use blog segments -- you’ll note that I almost always catch those mistakes before I go to hard copy, indicating I can proof things with the best of them when I have time. I just ask your indulgence when you come across obvious typos – and occasional down-right mistakes. Those are the price I pay for getting things on-line post haste. Thanks much. J-mann)

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