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2/15/13 ... This is getting sickening ...

 2/15/13 ... 

If it ain’t one thing it’s a dozen or more. I’m slowly recovering after accidently taking some codeine. Yes, it was highly accidental since I’m a one-in-20 soul dangerously allergic to the stuff. I went wretched for so long, I had to do an ER visit last night, for IV fluid and anti-nausea. The anti-nausea medicine could only go straight to the vein. Nothing swallowed stayed down longer to reach body temperature.

The self-poisoning arose when I got two prescriptions from my dentist, after significant dental implant work. One prescription was for an essential antibiotic. The other was a highly unessential (for me) painkiller, an analgesic and codeine combo.

I fully knew to steer miles clear of the painkiller but damn if I didn’t accidently give the wrong script to the CVS pharmacist. Hell, I was rushing all around at the time, per usual.

Returning later for the pick-up, I was even in a higher state of high-rushedness. I zipped into CVS and grabbed the medicine.

Breaking the cardinal rule of all medicine taking, I didn’t closely read the container. Not only did I down something capable of damn near killing me, I did it on an empty stomach. That sent the drug into absorption overdrive. I’ll note that I have no problem with antibiotics, even on an empty stomach. Still, my F-up was inexcusably moronic. And I paid. Lord, I paid. .

I won’t get into the hours of sheer hell I went through, capped by the ER stint, but I have to share something that even the checkout lady at CVS will recall, since she brought it up. As I was paying, my change was $6.66. I swear. Either the Man up above was trying to warn me or some satanic force wanted to make sure it was fully credited with putting me through hell.


I had an interesting call from a surfcaster named Jim Hall. He’s heading up an effort called Surf Fishermen for Recovery. It’s a rapidly growing of sportsmen wanting to offer help to folks knocked on their asses by Sandy.

Jim says the group is in its formative phases but already has a large following, essentially awaiting word on how (and who) to help out. Best reached by searching Facebook for Surf Fishermen for Recovery or going directly to https://www.facebook.com/groups/surffishermanforrecovery/?fref=ts.

I’m looking to get them a website, ASAP.

While not having its own nonprofit status, they’ve aligned with a group holding one. I’ll be helping this group of anglers and hope any and all outdoorsmen who want to help the recovery effort at a personal level will throw in with the group.  

More info in the near future.



Below: Below is a once-local phenomenon. Notice that after Sandy we got no such clam wash-up. After the 1992 storm and flood, the wash-up was so insane (in spots) that the surf clams piled up a couple feet thick. I still can’t figure out where they all went in just 20 years.

[WCVB.com] - February 14, 2013 - 
HULL, Mass., The power of the weekend blizzard's pounding waves washed thousands of shellfish on to Massachusetts beaches.

On Nantasket Beach in Hull on Tuesday, Joe Delmonaco said the beach was littered with piles of dead lobsters, along with sea clams, starfish and skates.

On Monday, beachcombers on Revere Beach found tens of thousands of surf clams along the beach's 3.5 mile expanse.

Paul Diodati, director of the state Division of Marine Fisheries, told the Boston Globe that the surf clams, which were buried in shallow sandy areas, were thrown onto the beach by waves.

Delmonaco said the lobster and other shellfish in Hull attracted sea gulls which made them their Tuesday meal.


W4bCHIBA, JAPAN June 21:Japanese Fishermen slaughter a 9.95m Baird’s Beaked Whale

[AFP] - February 15, 2013 - 

The US Supreme Court has denied a plea from anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd to end restrictions on its movement as Japan's whalers accused the activists of violating orders to stay away.

Sea Shepherd, which disrupts Japan's controversial whaling missions in the Southern Ocean, last week asked the Supreme Court to end a lower court's injunction to stay at least 500 yards (meters) away from the vessels.

Justice Anthony Kennedy on Wednesday rejected the application, a Supreme Court document showed. As is customary for such denials, Kennedy did not offer commentary.

Japan's whalers earlier this week filed a motion with the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit accusing Sea Shepherd of violating the injunction when its ship, the Brigitte Bardot, approached whaling vessels on January 29.

Japan's whaling organizations, the government-backed Institute for Cetacean Research and the company Kyodo Senpaku, sought to find Sea Shepherd in contempt of court -- which would carry potentially serious legal penalties.

Sea Shepherd has not denied that the Brigitte Bardot, a former ocean racer named after the French actress and animal rights activist, trailed the whalers. The group has claimed success by preventing the Japanese from killing whales this season.

But the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, based in Oregon, said its vessel was sailing under an Australian flag and operated by the group's Australian sister organization, meaning it is not subject to the US court order.

Australia and New Zealand voice outrage over Japan's annual whaling expeditions in the Southern Ocean, which the International Whaling Commission considers a sanctuary for the ocean giants.

Japan uses a loophole in a 1986 global moratorium on commercial whaling that allows "lethal research" on whales and sets out to kill hundreds each year.

Japan makes no secret that the meat ends up on dinner plates and has pushed for a resumption of full-fledged commercial whaling, accusing Western nations of insensitivity to its cultural traditions.

The Ninth Circuit court issued the injunction on Sea Shepherd on December 17, citing safety concerns as it reviews a lawsuit from the whalers.

Sea Shepherd has argued that the US court has no jurisdiction over activities halfway across the world.

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Comment by Dave Nederostek on February 15, 2013 at 11:12pm

You're right about the shell wash up. I didn't see any this time. In '92, you could have loaded boxes full of knuckle size snail shells.and a  few conches.

Hope you feel better.

Comment by Allen Lawrence Jr. on February 16, 2013 at 11:42am

I remember after a storm many years ago;maybe it was that one that by the old Barnegat Jetty there were tons of clams washed up by the jetty.You could have filled a few dump trucks with them.


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