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10 pm -- 'Tis indeed a bit strange out there.

'Tis indeed a bit strange out there.

I just did a cruise-about and even flood-prone, mid-Island locales are showing a nearly bizarre lack of flooding commensurate with what are some truly impressive sustained winds. In fact, I have to give this blow it dues: It shook the rafters here at my office and also at home.  It gets an A+ for gust frequency. They just kept coming, far closer together than what we saw with Sandy – though she was obviously a whole different -- and deadlier -- animal overall.  

I do have theories on why the flooding missed here and hit fairly hard down around Ocean City, NJ. It has to do with the exact wind direction, the lack of a tidally stacked bay and even a low precip rate. I’ll save that for future blogs.

In the meantime, we still might have to contend with snow, as colder air slowly edges in on NNW winds.

Making snow things a bit more interesting is an ass-hauling Great Lakes disturbance that could literally catch up to the tail end of Storm Saturn -- and add some backdoor juice to her departing backside. Hey, I’m not the one who gave human names to these storms.

That Lakes low will fill in the gap of dry air typically associated with a storm passing out to sea – before it begins throwing back bands of moisture, related to re-intensification off New England. We usually see howling west winds and improving skies as a big storm nears Nova Scotia. In this instance, the NNW winds and the added Lakes moisture, albeit minor, could add a quarter to a third of an inch of water equivalency to the air. That translates into maybe 3 or 4 wet snow inches. However, the weirdness and unpinpointability of this entire system makes any snow prediction mere guesswork.

Obviously, our beaches took a fierce beating, which I’ll inspect with my metal detector come tomorrow.  On the up side, our beaches usually respond fairly well, sand return-wise,  to northerly wind damage. Of course, the beachfront wasn’t awash in sand to begin with so the recovery rate won’t be rapid. And as quickly as berms form, I’m guessing towns will mechanically grab that sand to re-re-build dunes.

The prospect of much milder air for much of next week shouldn’t even remotely indicate it’s time to let the storm guard down. March can be cruel at the drop of a hat while April has been known to have more than few weather tricks up her sleeves. If you want to forge way ahead, we are going to utterly roast this summer. I kid you not. My records show winters like this give way to sweltering summer days and weeks. 

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