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10/31/2011 Update:

Forecast change has made things a lot fishier than earlier today. The watched low pressure is moving further out to sea. Now it seems we won’t have to deal with excessive NE winds, as formerly forecasted. Rain is almost out of the picture and NNE winds, instead of ENE, mean little if any additional beach erosion in the wake of Saturday. Good news for Holgate.


What’s more, there are again a few bluefish showing up in the system. I know this arrival of gators isn’t to the liking of everyone but I’m a huge slammer fan from way back, especially the way mega-blues will plaster plugs – and big jigs.


The biggest non-tourney blue I ever took was late fall in Brant Beach, using a round white Corky’s 1-ounce jig with bucktail and an added stubby plastic tail – no steel leader. The massively mouthed monster was in the low 20s (lbs) – and then some, per those who saw me catch-and-release it. The three anglers in the vicinity all said they had never seen a blue that big. I sure hadn’t. That was the year (I’m guessing early 1990s) when insanely large blues were around for much of the fall.



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