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10/16/14 For folks off the Island -- a vid look at west Holgate -- and the season's first large dolphin pod.



Below is a poorish video (alos wind noise) of the first larger pod of dolphin to arrive in Holgate. No sane bluefish would hang around, thus I caught none this day. I missed recording the wild part when I shouted out toward the passing pod, to seemingly no effect -- until this huge male came up only 20 feet from me, looking directly at me. As if it isn't already known:  These are some smart-ass -- and highly observant -- creatures. 

I'm sure I'll be getting some far better -- and more intimate -- videos of these dolphins. 


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Some random shots from this year...
The MJ's photo.
The MJ's photo.
The MJ's photo.
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And the release:   


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