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Saturday Aug. 30, 08: Let's blitz a bit

A ball of bunker all but beaches during HC bltiz. The kids were cathcing them for their dads.

Saturday, August 30, 2008: Waves: 2-3 feet out of the east; strong currents during changing tides. Water clarity: ideal; clean but not overly clear. Water temps: Low to mid 70s. Blitzed alert: Midday saw some classic bluefish blitzing action on certain Island beachfronts. I came across it (rodless) at 78th street… Continue

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Friday Aug. 29 2008 -- Lots of stuff to blog about (sorry about any typos -- on the move)

Friday, August 29, 2008: waves: 2 feet out of the east, larger sets during rising tides. Water clarity: Very good, a bit churned but that’s not a bad thing at all.

We’re holding onto these oddish east winds. They have ushered in very warm water, as expected. The process is called downwelling (brother to upwelling), whereby we’re the recipients of warm surface water being blown in. Water could reach upper 70s.

This morning I had a fairly bizarre report – in a… Continue

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August 27, 08 -- Weekly -- Some new stuff -- also previous blogs

Getting the Lead Out:

Lizzie and Yo-Yoing

FAMED HACKER LOVED FISHING – OR DID SHE?: The other morning I was doing some casual early-a.m. computer newspaper reading -- hey, who has time to go to the trouble of opening the lengthy and often combative pages of an actual newspaper?

I was downing my second energy drink while chewing on my third energy bar and listening to my recently purchased “Instant Energy Boost Hypnosis” CD (a real product), when I… Continue

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Wed. August 27, 08 -- Holgate opening on schedule -- yo-yoing is weird issue

Wednesday, August 27, 2008: Waves: 2-3 feet out of the north, fairly rough but dropping with lighter winds today. Water clarity: very good; churned by north winds the look is actually better than the overclear we had. Water temps: low 70s.

Holgate update: After some initial confusion on the reopening of the far south end, things have cleared up -- with the departing of the last few fledgling (now fledged) skimmers. Holgate will open all the way this coming weekend. Thanks to Officer Chris… Continue

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Monday August 25, 08 -- Busy weekend and assorted stuff

Monday, August 25, 2008: Waves: 2-3 feet out of the south; significant S-N current near the beach,. Water clarity: Shabby with south winds but likely clearing very quickly after cold front and wind switch to the north.

I have reports from all over the place –and all over the place when it comes to hookup rates. I have some folks offering tales of near-crazed fluking.

A Wawa-shopping angler gave me a bit of hell since he’s having one of his better fluking seasons while I’m… Continue

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Saturday Aug. 23, 08: Ideal out there -- whether there any fish or not (?)

Saturday, August 23, 2008: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Excellent. Based on weather alone, we’re into a stretch of niceness that just won’t quit. Any type fishing you do is doable this weekend. As I checked the radio chatter and watched the boat launch zones, fluke remains the big go-to target. As to what-else species, I heard a lot of interest in the cocktail bluefishing around the north end. Bassing remains low on the totem. Weakfishing has had flashes of blinding brilliance – and some… Continue

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Thursday Aug. 21 2008: Blues back to their old ways

Thursday, August 21, 2008: Waves: Small. Winds: Light and variable. Water clarity: Very good; temps are low to mid-70s. We have a bit of a new theme out there: bluefish. The cocktail blues have kept on keeping on since their arrival late last week. They are making uishc a fuss that some serious birdplay was seen close-in at a number of Island beaches. There was some question as to what these cocktails were eating on, guesses being baby bunker. Very unlikely on that count; most bunkies still… Continue

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Monday Aug. 18, 08 -- On the spot -- unprecedented

Monday, August 18, 2008: Waves: Small. Clarity: Good to very good. Water temps: Surf, 70; Ocean, Low 70s, bay: Up to 80. This has already been a majorly odd summer in the LBI surf. First, we had the coldest water ever recorded through the month of June (and into July). Then, we had (and are having) a bizarre non-showing of summer stripers, which are out in the big world (ocean part) in number beyond belief. Quite possibly that shivery water of June… Continue

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Sunday Aug. 17, 08 -- Great skies -- and some good kingfishing in the surf

Sunday, August 17, 2008: Waves: 1-2 feet. Water clarity: fair. Winds: Light.

Well, that was one near-perfect weekend. The angling pressure was high, mainly boat. The flukers of the area were working heavily, if radio chatter was any indicator.

For the umpteenth week in a row, folks were freely broadcasting info on their fluke action, since most everyone was on fish, many folks briskly so. Obviously everyone was trying to coax info on keeper-prone locales. No secret there:… Continue

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August 16, 08: Nice out there; slightly lower t-storm chance

Saturday, August 16, 2008; Waves: Intermittent 2-2.5 foot easterly medium period swell. Winds: Light all day. Water temps: Upper 60s.

It looks like very decent wind and weather conditions today, though that daily threat of a nasty boomer is in place – but not nearly as likely as yesterday when yet even more sky danger took place late-day.

Instead of fluke and weaks, I’ll begin with stripers -- since there is a modest push of linesiders along the beach and toward the… Continue

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Doting Over Dolphin; Kournikova and Clams KEEP OFF THE DOLPHIN: A push of very inquisitive dolphin is keeping Barnegat Inlet anglers entertained, as a pod (or two?) of these hyper-aware marine mam…

Doting Over Dolphin; Kournikova and Clams

KEEP OFF THE DOLPHIN: A push of very inquisitive dolphin is keeping Barnegat Inlet anglers entertained, as a pod (or two?) of these hyper-aware marine mammals has been seen cruising the inlet, sometimes swimming along with boats.

As we all should know by now, it is a federal offense to take the initiative and motor after the dolphin to get them to, uh, “swim along.” That law was established through the Marine Mammal… Continue

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Monday August 11, 08 -- Clouds from all sides --

Anatomy lesson telling hatchets from whites Monday, August 11, 2008: Waves: 2 foot easterly swell. Well, the day was yet another bizarre weather showing. Generally nice on LBI for much of the day, things got tricky – and amazingly visual – as the day went on. By late afternoon, a couple of the most astounding cloud clusters imaginable -- related to huge t-storms – exploded skyward both north and south of LBI. Then one of the most astounding cloud… Continue

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Sunday Aug. 10, 08: Clear and stormy

Sunday, August 10, 2008: Waves: Slowly building 2 foot easterly swell. Water clarity: Too clean. Water temps: Low to mid 70s.

It’s always an irony to announce “too clear” water since the abiding craving for summer would seem to be warm and clear water. Well, such cravings were filled to the gills lately. I did some water time on the beaches of both Harvey Cedars and Ship Bottom and that’s as clear as our summer beach water gets. However, tourist contentment notwithstanding, acrylic… Continue

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Friday, Aug 08. 08 -- Lookin' mighty fine out there -- More Holgate news

(See shark ID email below) Friday, August 08, 2008: Holgate happenings: I’ve gotten quite a bit on instant feedback from the notice that Holgate might only open part way. I have since found out that the likely “end closure” may not be that long, as late-fledging skimmers finish their growing up process. A few years back it stayed closed for weeks on end -- into mullet season. That seem to NOT be the case this go ‘round. Of course, this year that short… Continue

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Thur. Aug 7, 08 -- Ideal conditions lining up for the weekend

Thursday, August 07, 2008: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Excellent. Water temps: 70 and upward.

It’s lining up to be an outstanding fishing weekend – late-day winds notwithstanding. Near in, the fluke will draw the most anglers.

Margaret at Jingles echoes the sentiments of boat, bank and beach anglers. “Fluke, fluke and more fluke.”

South End: Middle Ground into the ICW all the way out to Holgate and over to Little Beach – and outward into the deep blue sea.

Note: I had a few… Continue

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Aug 6, 08 -- Weekly madness

Bayside cobia: See Run-Down STUPID -- BUT A WISE CHOICE: How about those new Smart Cars? Smart? Can a vehicle look any stupider – or flimsier. Over the weekend, one pulled up outside an Island bar, parking near the establishment’s “outside” smoking section. No sooner had the owner gone in for a drink than this not-that-big guy walked up and fully lifted the tiny car’s tail end. As I looked at that parked Smart Car, I kept getting nudged by this… Continue

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Monday Aug. 2, 08 -- Warm water may be for real

Monday, August 04, 2008: Waves: Small. Water clarity: excellent. Water temps: Nearing 70.

As predicted within this column, cold water in the summer eventually succumbs to a blazing sun – heating the sea surface – and even a trickle down effect from warm southerly currents out at sea. This is not to say honkin’ southerlies won’t once again knee their way in and knock the surf temps down to the shrivel-cold levels but even if that happens warmer water will filter back in much quicker… Continue

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Saturday Augst 2, 2008: Feels summerish; yellow fin tops at tourney

Saturday, August 02, 2008-: Waves: Small to nearly flat out there. Water temps: Upper 60s. Water clarity: Very good, approaching too clear.

Well, this is more like ti. Not so much the fishing as the summer water and sky conditions. Easily the warmest water of the season filtered in under light west winds (a.m.) and light afternoon onshore winds.

The fishing was also easy, at least in the sense of an easy go getting outside or hanging in the bay, though periods of no wind… Continue

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