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water quality

Dont know where you are getting your reports on water quality, but the water inside LE inlet i.e. 126 buoy area is so clear you can sea flounder and scates on the bottom around the sedge islands!

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For the second weekend (fri) in a row fished great bay out of GBM. Caught bluefish 2-9lbs. I have been fishing great bay early spring ,April-May for 9 years. I have never caught anything but 1-2 lb cocktail blues! Why so many 9 lb blues in the back bay? All fish caught on plugs.

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on keeping snagged bunker. We put the bunker that we snag in our live well and keep it alive until we return to the dock. Take the live bunker and put it in a bucket covered with ice. Apon returning home take each bunker and rap it in wax paper and then put three or four in a freezer bag and squeeze out the air. Take as many bags on the next trip as we think we may use for chunking. its as fresh as it was when it was frozen. Take what is not used refreeze and use for chum or crab bait.

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Jay, what is the location of the LBI surf camera? The lens on the camera is so dirty that you can't see thru it.

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fluke fishing

Jay are you aware that there is a meeting in Brooklawn NJ with the SSFFF organization on March 6? Save the fluke foundation.

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Animal rights activists back at it in Trenton

Anthony Chiappone (D-31) is following in the footsteps of former legislators having proposed ending fishing and hunting in New Jersey by removing sportsman and farmers from the NJ fish and game council thus creating a non-lethal committee . A1202 sponsored by Chippone would stack the fish and game council with individuals recommended to the governor by acknowledged anti-fishing and anti-hunting organizations.

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