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Jellyfish Hell-Small blues

Fished southern LBI Thursday p.m. and Friday a.m. Thursday night was bordering on un-fishable, the water was filled with busted up pieces of jellyfish that were a constant menace. Many times I had no choice but to cut my line and re-tie my rig. Some bits of jellyfish jam made it all the way to my reel and as it got darker there was no choice but to call it quits. I did manage to catch a handful of blues that were slightly bigger than the late summer pick, this time they were up to about 4…


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Friday, Sept. 21, 2007 -- Lost bag and some nice kingfish


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Thursday Sept. 20, 2007 --- Finally the winds depart --

Thursday, September 20, 2007: Waves: Dropping 3-4 foot north swell. Water clarity: fair to good (improving). Water temps: 66.

Ladies and Gentlemen, resume your fishing. That powerful northern high-pressure system was as…


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World Record Fluke Entry Denied

I just heard through the Asbury Park Press theat the IGFA has disqualified the catch because the angler rested her rod on the railing during the fight. So it looks like Capt. Nappie's record will stand for a while longer. I for one am glad, there seem to be too many shady things going on with the latest catch.

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First Blog entry

Hell, I only joined ning to read Jmann's fish reports, but since I keep a fishing diary anyway, I might as well do it online. Tomorrow I will be fishing Holgate and staying over until Friday in the trailer. I've heard that the surf is filled with weed and jellyfish mush and I'm hoping that it all blows out tonight. I'll check back on Friday with an update. Last week it was mullet city on the front beach. Caught 50 small blues but no bass, hoping to change that scorecard tomorrow. By the way, I… Continue

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Tuesday, Sept. 18, 07 -- Winds won't quit; Porcupine Fish Pokes

Tuesday, September 18, 2007: Waves: Large and somewhat gnarly. Water clarity: Fair. Water temp: 67.

This wind has gone from troublesome to tedious. For three days running the NE gusts have blown away all potential for easy boat fishing and have either driven away surfcasters or…


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Sunday, Sept 16, 07 -- Buggies allowed in SC; Blues and gusts


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Saturday Sept 15, 07 -- Lots of folks fishing for lots of blues


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Friday Sept. 14, 07 --- Slowed a bit -- but not that much


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Thurs. Sept, 13, 2007 -- Much jumpin' of bait and blues

Thursday, September 13, 2007: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Ideal – though approaching too clear in some sites. Water temps: Dip to 70 – 72. Winds: None for early day, could see south by day’s end.

Bait run continues to make news in its own right. Major mullet (some pods containing fish averaging 6 inches) are running river-like.…


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Weekly Column for Sept. 13-- A-Salt on cop and Illegal fluke tying

Burgers, Bull and Tortured Fluke

BURGER A-SALT ON COP: This is just a quick sidebar jaunt, since this story kinda cracks me up – and makes me very thirsty for…


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Wed. Sept 12, 07 -- Things continue to light up out there


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Tuesday Sept. 11, 2007 -- Holgate lights up

Tuesday, September 11, 2007: Waves: 2-3 foot south swell. Water clarity: Fair, some discoloration. Water temps: Mid-70s.

It lit up in Holgate today, despite cloudiness and even some rain spritzes. With winds honking south, then howling west, there was enough bait moving around to feed all of Thailand. I have no idea what that means but it…


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Monday, Sept. 10, 07 -- Clean waters, fluking ends -- Holgate Happenings

Monday, September 10, 2007. Waves: Fairly strong 3-4 foot medium-period swell from departing Gabrielle. Water clarity: Excellent. Water temps: Toasty 75 to 77.

Ideal conditions today as winds remained light. A wholesale effort was made to cash in on the last day of fluking. Boats zipped out to very deep water and successes in some instances. Good fluking was also had near reefs. Here’s one success story:

“THREE PEAT!!!! Almost. No 7 seven pound fluke, but a 23.5" 5.26lb., 21"…


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Sunday Sept. 9, 2007: Nice weather -- weird fluke torture tale


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Thursday Sept. 6, 2007 -- Nice skies but very deep fluke


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Commercial netting close to beach

Last fall, Oct 06, I saw a commercial netter working about 200 yards
off the beach at Brant Beach. They were scooping up dozens of 18-24
inch fish.
Was that legal ?

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Wednesday Sept. 05, 2007 -- Site notes -- more angling stuff later today

Wednesday, September 05, 2007: Waves: Small but potentially building with some tropical weather just to our south (not far from Hatteras). Water clarity: Ideal. Winds: Light offshore going to light onshore; ideal. Water temps: Now approaching upper 70s; I took a 77.9 yesterday late.

I will be out on an archeological dig today and onto…


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Weekly Blog Sept 5. 2007 -- Comments invited

Making Nice and Seeing Things

BE A NICE SURFCASTER: Anymore it seems the summer season stops on a dime – landing right next to the cash register that symbolizes Labor Day Weekend – then re-flares virtually every weekend for the following couple months.…


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