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Tuesday June 12, 2007:

Tuesday June 12, 2007:

RUNDOWN: Despite overly clear waters, some serious bass are coming to light, fish to 30 pounds with many in the 20s of pounds. More than ever, an emphasis has to be placed on the scattered nature of these better bass. I say that because easily the majority of reports I got over the weekend grumbled about super slow hooking – and an insidious (and steady) loss of valuable clam baits, lost to either crabs or (I’m guessing) arriving kingfish.

While the…


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Did some fishing today on the north end and i got 2 nice about 10lb blue and a small snapper. There fun fish to catch i was trying to get some strippers but no luck anyway was a great day out there clear water nice temps couldn't be better.

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J-mann Saturday june 9, 2007 -- Major bass north end and a half mile of fluke

Saturday, June 09, 2007: I chatted with a few anglers along LBI beaches and none had much luck. Problem could be the over-clear water during the day. There was also baffling bait loss for just about all surfcasters. I told a couple anglers in HC who were rapidly losing bait and suggested it might be kingfish slowly tearing apart clam gobs.…


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Friday June 8, 2007 -- Bass rebounding and flukers start your engines

Friday, June 08, 2007: Waves: Small.

Bass are being taken from beach and boat. Small fish are the bugaboo on the beach but amid the smallity are some fine takers-home – and even some weigh-worthy hookups, including a couple more fish past 20 pounds. More bigger bass are going for clam over bunker. I guess that’s to be expected after a storm.…


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June 7, 07 -- Bass bouncing back and onto the beach

Thursday, June 07, 2007: Waves: Small.

Ocean has calmed and just like that the bass are bouncing back. Not that they went far. They just weren’t heavily fished during the blow and subsequent groundswell. Well, not only were three new names added to the Simply Bassin’ board but a goodly number of non-tourney fish came to light. Nothing huge,…


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J-mann -- Early Wednesday June 6, 07 -- Things settling, stripers returning

Wednesday, June 06, 2007: A serious swell and those fierce swings in water temp have left the surf-front bassing very wanting. The fish are there but it’ll take the smaller surf (beginning today) for angler to retrack them. There is the surf fishing upside to any stir like the one we just had: It gets the bigger bass in close, going for clams and crabs displaced by the wave action.



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Weekly column for June 6, 2007 -- A long and leisurely read

Big Bolts and Subway Cars Resurface

UNMELLOW YELLOW: I’ve seen yellow skies, yellow rain, yellow snow but early Tuesday morning I saw deep yellow lightning, the hue of lemon peel.

While doing my dawn patrol wave report for…


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Rules -- Simply Bassin' 2007


1. Participating Shops:

- Barnegat Light Bait & Tackle, Barnegat Light 609-494-4566

- Fisherman's Headquarters, Ship Bottom 609-494-5739

- Jingle's Bait & Tackle, Beach Haven 609-492-2795

- Surf City Bait & Tackle, Surf…


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Sunday, June 03, 2007: Storm slow to honk; some fiesty fluking

Sunday, June 03, 2007: Waves: 3-5 feet out of the south (not nearly as large as predicted). Water temps: Frigid 40s, though forecasted easterly winds could warm water very rapidly – if those winds actually develop.

Talks of crappy weather had many anglers calling off fishing trips or even heading back home before the weekend’s end. I have to admit that the reports…


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Saturday June 2, 07 -- Winds whip things around

Saturday, June 02, 2007: Waves: Choppy 2-4 feet out of the south; cold dirtying water; upwelling lowering water temps back into the 50s, potential low 50s if winds persist.

Winds were a serious factor today, though a load of boats were plying the nearshore water. I hung out at a secret beach near B. Inlet and saw a modest flow of angler traffic heading out for fluke.

Smiler of…


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Friday, June 01, 2007: Winds were testy late but the bassin’ continues to rock. The hooking is north to south, though far from every street. Some super hot stops and some dominated by skates and dogs…

Friday, June 01, 2007: Winds were testy late but the bassin’ continues to rock. The hooking is north to south, though far from every street. Some super hot stops and some dominated by skates and dogs. However, below will give you a sense of a hot site. Thanks, Joe, for the fine write-up of the action. More on the big bass as I get info.



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Bass Alert -- June 1, midday


June 1, midday -- I have to officially issue a bass alert. I’ve been heavily alluding to honking bassing beneath the bunker pods, particularly nearshore, South End (though wherever the bunker are so trail the super stripers). Now, that boat bite is showing so many carousing cows that it qualifies as a full-blown alert event. However, that alert heightens when you add the fulfillment of one of predictions that the cows will come toward the beach after dark. Last night… Continue

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