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Tuesday Aug. 21, 2007 -- Nasty out there (still) and a load of illegals catchers caught

Tuesday, August 21, 2007: Waves: 5-7 feet with some larger sets. Water clarity: Good but seriously churned.

Erin is impacting us – time-wise, more than…


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Sunday Aug. 19, 2007: Weather was no friend this weekend

Sunday, August 19, 2007: Waves: 2-3 feet out of the south. Water temps: 70. Water clarity: fair but not where it should be; very dirty stretches.

Wind played the spoiler yesterday. Morning gusts to 25 had many folks hanging close to port.…


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Saturday Aug. 18, 2007 -- Coolish front and blasts from the blue

Saturday, August 18, 2007: Waves: Small groundswell out of the south is holding at 2-3 feet; still not sure where those waves are coming from but it’s the first far-south wave action of the summer. Water clarity: Fair – it had gotten pretty murky yesterday but cleared up late-day. Water temps: had dropped but inches back up top near 70.…


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Friday Aug. 17, 2007 -- Warm water and bait chat

(Above: It’s as weird and foreboding a creature as I’ve ever dug outside the tropics. This three-inch long caterpillar/larvae-like monsters was just under the ground in Bass…


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Noodling Nutcases and Bad Crossings



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Thursday August 16, 2007 -- Weakies per jigging;Chum change

Thursday, August 16, 2007: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Very good.

The winds are still in the picture, as they may continue to be, as a moderate push of cool northerly air moves in. However, it should be fishable to highly fishable through the weekend providing you time the trips to lower winds periods. T-storms loom large – and…


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Wednesda Aug. 15 2007 -- Winds and what-not

Wednesday, August 15, 2007: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Very good (though honking south winds later today could stir things up). Water temps: Bayside: Upper 70s (actually a bit cool). Ocean: Mid-70s – and could drop with upwelling from south winds.

Thanks to H.H. (Scranton/BHW) for dropping off immaculately filleted and trimmed bluefish meat for my jerkying. He and his boat…


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Tuesday Aug 14, 07 -- Weakfishing rules, blues follow

RUNDOWN:The weakfishing in west Barnegat Bay is semi-sizzling. There is that know-how knack needed to pull sparklers out at a rapid-fire rate but the odds are in the favor of anyone dropping lots of chum over. And the chum-line doesn’t have to be only grasshrimp. Some crushed shedders mixed with clam or mussels can achieve a nice attraction level.

Here’s a pro report from…


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Sunday Aug. 12, 2007: -- Blues for the taking --

Sunday, August 12, 2007: Waves: dropping to 2-3 feet out of the north; small south wind swell starting.…


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Friday August 10, 07 -- Hyper-hot and Rachael Rae to LBI

Friday, August 10, 2007: WAVES: Choppy 2-4 feet out of the south. Water clarity: Fair but getting cleaner; that could change back to poor if the winds blow too hard from the south.

Weakfishing decent at BI. Some stripers in the nix; North End and along the beachfront; mainly clam eaters. Weather is very unpredictable, looks almost tropical…


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Danger -- Aug 8 Weekly Column -- so much stuff it's hazardous

TV Time and Parking Hawks

To wind down from the tension of work, I routinely plop down and watch calming shows, like the real life shoot-‘em-up police adventures on Court TV.

I’m really into this new show during which inner-city cops leave electronically…


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Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007 -- Storm comin' and maybe bass showin'

Thursday, August 09, 2007: Waves: Building (possibly quickly) out of the east as we deal with a small fast-moving storm. Water clarity: Excellent.

There was an interesting showing of stripers today, mainly surfside. A keeper was had in Brant Beach and some near-keeper fish on a couple…


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Wed. Aug. 8, 2007 -- 2008 Fluke reg update (down a ways)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007:

You know it’s full-blown summer when its 6 p.m. and the temperature is still toying with the 100-degree mark. Well, the west winds – and they got testy, pushing 25 knots – that are pushing in that scorchiness will eventually bring down temps – for a short…


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Tuesday Aug. 7, 2007 -- Newsy stuff

Tuesday, August 07, 2007: Waves: 1-3 feet out of the south; glassy. Water clarity: Very good to too clear. Water temps: 70s.

I have been neck-deep in fishing stuff all day. Nothing overly dramatic, except for the further (and complete) break-up of the old wooden scallop boat that went aground on the shoals off Holgate last week. The pieces…


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Sunday, Aug. 5, 2007: Cleaner waters are upon us ...

Sunday, August 05, 2007: Waves: Building 3-4 foot short-period north swell. Water clarity: Excllent. Water tmeps: back to the 70s.

What a difference a day and wind shift make. From dank, weedy and cool, the surfside ocean has gone clean, green and mild. Gusty northeasterly wind has ushered in, via downwelling, outstanding water – water that…


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Saturday August 4, 2006 -- Major T-storms settle in

Saturday, August 04, 2007: Waves: 2-3 feet out of the south. Water clarity: Poor; the rains and winds have stirred in some ugly, weedy water that should blow out quickly when the wind shifts west tonight. It was already cleaning up midday as light east winds allowed that great water of a couple days back to move back in.

For most of the…


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Friday Aug. 03, 2007 -- Winds play spoiler

Friday, August 03, 2007: Waves: Building 2-3 foot south windswell. Water clarity: maybe Being lost to side-ass winds; water temps could also take a tumble if upwelling takes place.

By midday, wind played the spoiler nearshore. Hard SE winds blew away ocean fluking – too much drift to…


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August 2, 2007 -- Water's look is hot

Thursday, August 02, 2007: Waves: Small – we got virtually nothing from that fast-moving Tropical Storm Chantal (or something like that). Yes, there was a T.S. out there with pretty hefty winds. It went extratropical in nothing flat and maybe produced some waves for Halifax.

How about that water!? After a summer marked by unusually cool –…


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Weekly Blog-ism for Aug 1, 2007 -- Tourney talk and serious reg gab

Marlin Tourney Rocks With BFTs

Well, for some odd reason we really have to talk full-blown fishing in here this week since someone went and secretly named this column “The Fish Story.” That name change caught me by surprise since it took place so suddenly – something like 20 years ago.

This week, I’m up to my proverbial gills in angling energy, having spent four consecutive…


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Wednesday Aug 1 -- New Barnegat Inlet channel??

Wednesday, August 01, 2007:

Some technical stuff as I finish my weekly blog – with tons left over.…


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