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Bethlehem, PA

United States

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  • jaymann

    (Do it all, Scotty. Grab your rods and hit the beach – near a jetty – to bait fish with bunker and clam. Go at about 4 a.m. if will allows. Make sure to plug a bit right as the sun shows. Use black Bombers or Redfins retrieved ever so slowly. Also try a few casts with a jig, bounced from 9 to 12 off the bottom . If you’re using circle hooks, place your bait rods in while plugging, if not, bring bait rods in during plugging. Next, take some time to walk the New South Jetty at Barnegat (Inlet ) State Park. Throw plugs and jigs, retrieved a tad faster than the morning sessions. For at least one day, take in a headboat or charter trip. Finally, make sure to repeat you’re day in the surf as the sun goes down. Use same technique as a.m. session. I don’t want to jinx you but dollars to donuts you catch stuff. J-mann)